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    So, do you have what I have? How have you dealt with it?
    Words of encouragement and tips are very appriciated. Writing this has helped me a little bit. Better out than in, as Shrek says about burping.
    As someone who has frequently had panic attacks myself, the beginner's approach is a brown paper bag.

    Sit down (don't lie down) - and breath as slowly as you can into a brown paper bag.

    Most drugs are about the worst things you can do for the panic attack itself, if you need anxiety medication - it should be taken in the normal course of your day.

    The cool thing about a panic attack is that if you recognise two important aspects - you know nothing is really wrong.

    1. The chances of everything in your body suddenly going wrong are pretty slim.
    2. Panic attacks have a fairly short duration - 20-30 minutes, so you know there is a limit.

    See your doctor - but I've been given advice to take a phenergan (anti-histamine) as well, because I also suffer from allergy attacks - the phenergan will attack the allergy if that is the cause, and attack the blood pressure and assist with sleep if a panic attack is the cause.

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    I know, though these expectations and such affect me quite a bit. I've understood it myself but I haven't expressed it to anyone. Still, I won't start doing illegal drugs when I can get legal ones that are probably more effective.
    Your admiration for your parents tell me they did a great job and are intelligent people who have always been there for you. Why is this situation any different?

    I wouldnt recommend the prescription meds. Maybe to level yourself off, but nothing long term.

    May i ask why your so afraid of dying? Break it down. The people you leave behind, not accomplishing what you would like to, the pain? Mine is that i would leave behind people that would mourn me, id also like to be there to help out when my parents get older.

    "I can get legal ones that are probably more effective"

    Trying not to go there, but this is may not be right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Creamy Flames View Post
    I've had a lot of shit happe nto me the last 6 years, like cancer. It took it's toll on my psyche.
    I have a "normal" electrical wierdness with my heart, which can make it race like crazy. It's the latter that is the focus of my anxiety, I fear that I might die, though oddly enough from my heart stopping, not from racing. I have a horrendous fear of death that also gives me anxiety. Ontop of this, my grandfather might be passing away soon from cancer that has gone too far, they gave him max 4-5 months.
    It's an evil circle that makes itself worse.

    I had other meds for it years ago, stuff with warning triangles on it and all, which I don't know. I'm gonna ask for some of that. It's been two months now of constant anxiety. Depression getting worse too, I have to make myself eat because even though I get hungry, I have no desire to eat.

    In a sense, I'm starting the work I'll be doing with my psychiatrist: Talking about it and admitting that it's there. So, thanks regardless, for reading
    Long wall of text coming, so sorry in advance

    I actually suffer from something quite similar and have for over a decade. Back in 2000 (was 19 at the time) I went through a lot of stress from different sources and ended up in the hospital with major heart palpitations, and I was pretty sure I was either going to die or I had a serious heart issue. After a month of tests, they found nothing wrong and nailed it down to a genetic issue (harmless oddity that runs on my mothers side of the family with females) and the stress was greatly exacerbating it.
    I was put on Atenelol back in 00 after I got out of the hospital to reduce the pvc's and keep anxiety down, and I accepted the fact a long time ago I will be on it for the rest of my life.

    However, by that time the damage was done and any time my heart skipped I was absolutely terrified and the vicious cycle of panic happened. I couldn't get my mind past when my heart skipped randomly to get my body and mind to not jump to flight rather than fight and deal with it.
    It took me close to 9 years to conquer my fear and I had to do it on my own. Sadly people don't stop and actually listen when you try to talk about these things. I can't count the number of times I have talked to Dr's, my now ex boyfriend, friends, or even my family, and each and every time it's been I've been told 'just ignore it and stop thinking about it. You're fine and healthy so why do you worry?'

    That lasted until 2010 when I ended up back at square one around the time my mother was about to pass away. I would wake up in the middle of the night having severe panic attacks with my heart pounding so hard I could feel it through my entire body. It lasted for a week, happening nightly and in the middle of the day without warning (was subconsciously thinking about it about it I guess) and I ended up going to a psychiatrist. Which I will be honest did not help much for me personally, he just sat there listening rather inattentively then wrote me a prescription for something like Valium. Those darn things made me feel like a zombie and I couldn't properly function and went off them within 2 days.

    Fast forward to today, I still wake up from time to time having panic attacks, I still get pvc's, but awhile ago out of nowhere I realized after so many years of being scared when these things happen I'm tired of it. When it happens I just stop, realize what is going on and after so many years it has to be harmless (sometimes talking myself out loud through it helps) and it passes a few minutes later.

    Best advice: Go see a psychiatrist and see if that helps. I fully understand your reluctance to go on any form of meds, but ask if there is something mild and non addictive you could possibly go on. Just enough of a dose to get you leveled out enough to try to deal with what you suffer from.
    If you have a close friend or family member you can really talk to, do that too. Also, I would highly suggest trying to cut out caffeine if you drink coffee, energy drinks, or soda with that added. I found out years ago it can make things a lot worse for many people who suffer from anxiety.

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    The medications given to people with anxiety are something I'd never take. Personally I'd go the natural way and overcome depression/anxiety through meditation/spirituality, etc. I think about people back in the day like the spartan warriors, they wouldn't take an anxiety pill if they had anxiety, they'd grind it out... that is the route I'd personally take.

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    You are asking for help how to do with it on the spot? Let's see, the best advice I can give you is control your breathing. Deep slow breaths, sit down, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Apply as much rational thinking as you can muster and think about: Anxiety CANNOT kill you. It is entirely fear induced from your thoughts. You are in your house, you are away from harm and nothing bad will happen. It is tricky to think rationally at these points. When you feel ok, do something to take your mind off things. Play a game, read a book, watch some TV, and never think it will happen again if I do this again, because it only makes it more likely. Hope you are ok now, and can apply this logic in the future.

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    I have bad anxiety. Had a similar situation, though I don't ever worry about having a heart attack. I find my anxiety can get better or worse depending on whom I'm with, but it tends to get better if I'm at least with someone. I recommend seeing a psychiatrist, because they have some tricks that can help. I was on medication for about 6 months, and it actually started making my anxiety worse, so I got off it.

    Try to figure out the cause and seek treatment as soon as possible. I've had mine for several years now and it can get worse and worse, since it's essentially your brain becoming acclimated to a different thought process. (Worrying about something once, and then every time it happens, and then telling yourself everything is wrong and panicking, etc.)

    From my experience, the best thing you can do when you're alone is just focus very hard on your words while telling yourself positive things. i.e. "everything will be fine." "I am worrying over nothing." Try to put all your energy into that and take deep breaths.

    Good luck.

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    Klonopin. It is amazing. I do not know what I would do without it. As far as drugs go, it is a life saver.

    Antihistamines do work for me if I have no other option.

    Slow, deep breaths also work to get your body to calm down physiologically.
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    Make sure you are eating healthy foods and you might consider taking vitamins, especially calcium. There has been medical discussions noting that some emotional depressions are alleviated when calcium levels are in proper balance for one's body chemistry. Take magnesium and vitamin D as well since calcium may need those to be properly absorbed. Eating food before taking those vitamins is recommended as well.

    Because of how modern food is grown and processed many vitamins are lost, so even with a well balanced diet we may not be getting what the body needs. Therefore supplements have become a necessity.

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