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    id like to see something with the Quiragi again. Deffinately more to do with the legion as well. i love the burning legion lore but I hope when it does make its return they given it a very dark and very evil undertone for the artwork and designs. Alot like shadowmoon valley.

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    Sargeras so I can finally quit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Uggorthaholy View Post
    Thanks but no thanks, Lora, for making me question everything in existence forever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Damajin View Post
    Yes but then again I believe in both the rational and irrational, and definitely think there's more to existence than just this life. People don't have to like it or agree and I don't have to care.

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    Gul'dan. He's a major expansion end-boss just waiting to happen and if storytelling rules tell us one thing is that if you don't see the corpse of a major badguy, than he's not really dead (sometimes not even then).

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    Old Gods.


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    First and foremost, I'd love to see some love to all the races.

    Orcs: They are good as always really. Though I would love to see Saurfang and Rexxar return to be badasses for the Horde, even if Rexxar might just wander around in the wilds still.
    Undead: So far we haven't seen what they're up to nowadays. I'd like to see Sylvanas be a badass and learn more of what happened to Koltira. On a side note, I'd like to see what the Ebon Blade are up to as well, or at least get a confirmation of something like, "They're working on stuff in Northrend, done!".
    Tauren: At least they're around on Pandaria with Dezco leading them and now Baine's there too. I would like to see Baine get some love too though. Dunno if much happens with him in the Dominance quests, but don't think so, so give him some love. Also hope to see the Grimtotem around soon so we can deal with Magatha.
    Trolls: Vol'jin's getting some love in MoP, but I'd love to go to the Echo Isles again and see the Darkspear prepare for the rebellion. Also, if somehow the other troll tribes get their asses kicked and decide in the end that they've lost then I'd love to have the trolls in general be part of the Horde! And Rokhan would be most welcome to return as a Champion of the Darkspear.
    Blood Elves: They're getting their love too in MoP with the Reliquary, Sunreavers, etc. Just miss Liadrin a bit, now that the others might be getting out there to fight a bit.
    Goblins: I really do wish that Gallywix would show up and do some stuff. Otherwise the goblins are fine in that they're here to earn money and blow shit up I guess.

    Humans: Are getting plenty of that love and now they got the Kirin Tor. Now all they need are Kul Tiras back in action and maybe Turalyon coming back to be some kinda badass. Alleria can join in too.
    Dwarves: Some arguing between the council, a bit about Moira's son and maybe see each leader be part of the war in their own clans' ways. And eventually it would be nice to see Magni back in action.
    Night Elves: Male druid action and female sentinel action. Tyrande is around so that's good, now Malfurion just needs to be around a little too. He's finally awake, now he can get his ass moving a bit, or at least put him in a position of world restoration and go, "That's what he's doing, he's busy with that, tough shit!".
    Gnomes: I'd wish they got Gnomeregan back for real back then... Get it back, gnomes! And then join the battle with even more technology and Gelbin showing that he can do something awesome.
    Draenei: Show up and be a major part in something (though I could imagine that'll happen whenever the Legion returns). Velen I imagine might be around slightly in 5.2, just to stand by Anduin and take care of his wounds, and then when the Legion's back he'll be major then.
    Worgen: Like someone said earlier, rebuild the Park of Stormwind to a Gilnean district and have Genn lead the worgen to great glory. And give us Gilneas (City) in a battleground, scenario, something, anything!

    Pandaren: So far it seems to me that it's like the Horde/Alliance are trying to recruit the pandaren of Pandaria, while the pandaren of the Wandering Isle are just sitting around in Org/SW. Have them be part of the factions somewhat and make Ji/Aysa do something major so show how awesome the pandaren are to have as allies!

    Seeing the Kirin Tor are back in the Alliance and Kul Tiras/Turalyon/Alleria could come back too, have the Ogres be a good part of the Horde too.
    A slight dream of mine is to see the Ethereals be a major part of some expansion and maybe be another neutral race or at least playable somewhat.
    Demon Hunters... Would be cool if we're getting a Legion expansion eventually.

    And other major characters I'd like to see are:
    Azshara returning to wreck chaos.
    Neptulon being freed from the Naga.
    Dealing with N'zoth somehow.
    The end of the Zandalari storyline and deal with Zul, King Rastakhan, etc.
    Of course having the Legion return.
    And I'd love to learn more about the Titans. I still got a feeling we'll fight them too someday and that they're not really good guys at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    Magni Bronzebeard.
    Bronzebeards in general.
    I don't think we're going to see Magni any time soon. I reckon he's gonna be another part of the story that just gets brushed under the rug sadly.
    Now Muradin on the other hand! I want to see kick some arse.

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    I have really enjoyed the mantids, and would like to see some more Pre-Titan background lore about the "bug races". It could also turn into a nice lore quest that allows us to use the AQ40 mounts after having them so limited for so many years.

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    It would be nice to see an end to all the old troll tribes trying to regain their empires.

    Magatha needs to be dealt with too.

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    I'm missing alot information about the troll gods and ofc the mogu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galbrei View Post
    Gul'dan. He's a major expansion end-boss just waiting to happen and if storytelling rules tell us one thing is that if you don't see the corpse of a major badguy, than he's not really dead (sometimes not even then).

    We already saw his freaking skull.

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    I'd like to see the story behind Flamestrike, the legendary rune blade wielded by Kael'thas, fleshed out a bit more. Would make for interesting "legendary quest" down the road perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galbrei View Post
    Gul'dan. He's a major expansion end-boss just waiting to happen and if storytelling rules tell us one thing is that if you don't see the corpse of a major badguy, than he's not really dead (sometimes not even then).
    That is, as I said in my post, Gul'dan is a hero of the Horde that has much potential despite being dead. The Lord of the Warlocks, the Master of the Necromancers, the leader of the Stormreaver clan and the Grand Master of the Inner Circle of the Shadow Council...

    As his skull appears again and the runes he painted at Suramar are disclosed by Drak'Thul, a reborn Shadow Council at the service of the Horde could bring him from the underworld, back to Azeroth ...

    Knowing that in his last moments of life he redeemed himself and realized how he had been used by the Burning Legion and how the Horde had been used to fulfill the purpose of Sargeras, not surprisingly, Gul'dan is willing to avenge of Burning Legion, and compensate the Horde providing all his occult knowledge ...
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    I'm expecting 5.2 will bring some love to Sylvanas and Baine, since Vol'Jin and Lor'Themar already made a bigger appereance in 5.1. However, I'm not seeing that happen since 5.2 will be trollbased and because the new factions involve the Belfs/Sunreavers and the Kirin Tor, so not seeing a Sylvanas there. This has to happen at some point, since 5.3 will most likely be the Siege already. Although Vol'Jin made an appereance already, he'll most likely be involved with the purge of the Zandalari from Pandaria, which will tie together with his novel Shadows of the Horde.

    Expecting Velen to play a major roll for the Alliance in 5.2/5.3, since he has been summoned by Varian to heal Anduin.

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    Elves! I want this elven war to go through the roof!

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    Goblins don't really have much lore. Maybe give them some stuff outside of comic relief (Which I live about goblins, if I'm honest).

    I'd like to see fully what's happening with a few groups such as the Blackrock Clan. (Garrosh grants amnesty to Blackrocks but its clear that the entire clan hasn't fully joined the Horde) and the various Ogre tribes.

    Also: DWARVES!! Come on, we need to see what's going down with the Dark Irons and all that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    So that's what's under Tirisfal Glades.
    That, I think, it a polluted Titan place of power, like an evil version of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms or Un'goro crater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    Sabellian. He is still alive.
    Alleria and Turalyon, no one has seen these two in years, not even the alliance.
    Sylvannas, I remember seeing a blue post pre mop that said she would get some time in the spot light this expansion
    Koltira, I want to see the extent of Sylvannas' punishment for koltira hanging out with Tharissian instead of taking control of Anderhol, as order to.
    Saurfang, never did get to attend the funeral for Draenosh.
    This... I REALLY want to finally find out wtf happened to Alleria and Turalyon. I wonder what Sylvannas will do when they do finally find Alleria...

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    I wanna see Rexxar or saurfang, that's the thing I want most from the lore.

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