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    "Class mount" suggestions

    So, I'm thinking of tweaking around what my toons all ride on. I have a few already sorted out, but I'd like some input.

    NE Druid: Flight form (flying), unsure for non-flying mount areas
    Worgen Rogue: Headless Horseman's Mount (flying), Running wild (non-flying)
    Human Hunter: Onyx Cloud Serpent (flying; using it since it's the second toon to get Cloud Serpent riding and the first (Druid) isn't going to use it), unsure for non-flying mount
    Draenei Shaman: Flameward Hippogryph (the flames go well with an Enh/Ele shammy, and it works as a non-flying mount as well)
    Dwarf Warlock: Headless Horseman's Mount (flying), Dreadsteed (non-flying)
    Worgen Death Knight: Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade (flying), Running Wild/Acherus Deathcharger (non-flying)
    Dwarf Warrior: dunno for either
    Panda Monk: unsure for flying, Great Purple or Red Dragon Turtle (non-flying)
    BE Paladin: unsure for flying, Thalassian Charger (non-flying)
    Tauren Druid: Flight form (flying), unsure for non-flying

    Anyone have some suggestions for the "unsures" or better ones for what I have? I've got a good selection of mounts and there are a few that wouldn't take too much to acquire.

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    My classes, preferred mounts.

    Worgen Druid: Darnassian Nightsaber, Flight Form / Silver Covenant Hippogryph (For RP)
    Worgen Rogue: Swift Mountain Horse, Armored Snowy Gryphon
    Draenei Monk: Cobalt War Talbuk / Purple Nether Ray
    Human Warlock: Dreadsteed, Twilight Drake
    Night Elf Mage: Fiery Warhorse, Flameward Hippogryph
    Gnome Priest: Argent Warhorse, Argent Hippogryph
    Human Hunter: Stormwind Steed, Swift Blue Gryphon
    Draenei Shaman: Spectral Steed, Spectral Gryphon
    Orc Warrior: Swift Gray Wolf, Grand Armored Wyvern
    Draenei Paladin: Exarch's Elekk, Blue Nether Ray
    Death Knight: Acherus Deathcharger, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

    I clearly have a thing for class / race mounts.

    My suggestions for some of yours...

    NE druid, use a saber until you get a Raven Lord.
    Human Hunter, c'mon. Hoers.
    Dwarf Warrior: Warbear ground mount. Dunno for flying, but Gryphons are very dwarf-y.
    BE Paladin, use your dragonhawk!
    Tauren Druid... Kodos are nice but I'm just not fond of any mount on Tauren.
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    Oh, those work pretty nicely. Also, how did I forget I have Dragonhawks? /facepalm

    I think my Tauren Druid will be using Obsidian Nightwing for ground, since it looks like it's a mix of Druid forms, while the NE will run the Winterspring Saber, because yes (maybe a Shadopan Tiger since it's similar and I feel bad about grinding that rep out and not using the mounts). I'll need to pick out proper Horses & Gryphons to fit, but I think that shouldn't be too difficult.

    The other thing with my Hunter is I was thinking of going with stuff I had tamed and go with mounts that fit, but sadly, most of my normal pets (undead bear, spirit bear, corehound, devilsaur, demon dog) don't have mounts that go with them.

    Edit: also duh. Pandaren Kite for Monk.
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    For my toons its as follows, for the most part:

    Mage: Azure Drake (flying), Black Warhorse (ground)
    Shadow Priest: Dark Phoenix (flying), Swift Moonsaber (ground)
    Druid: Cenarion Hippogryph/Flight Form, Regal Riding Crane (ground)
    Ret Paladin: Heart of the Aspects (flying), Argent Charger (ground)
    Monk: Drake of the South Wind (flying), Black Warhorse (ground)
    Warlock: Mottled Drake (flying), Felsteed (ground)
    Warrior: Silver Covenant Hippogryph (flying), Black War Tiger (ground)
    Hunter: Amani Dragonhawk (flying), Winterspring Frostsaber (ground)
    Rogue: Silver Covenant Hippogryph (flying), Blue Shado-pan Riding Tiger (ground)
    Shaman: Volcanic Stone Drake (flying), Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank (ground)
    Death Knight: Black Drake (flying), Argent Warhorse (ground)

    anything that can be a Night Elf is, shaman Draenei, Warlock is Blood Elf, Paladin is Human now, used to be Blood Elf.
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