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    [H - Silver Hand - US] <Bloodbound> Recruiting!

    Guild Name: Bloodbound
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Silver Hand (US)
    Realm Timezone: PST
    Progression: 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults, 3/6 Heart of Fear (Normal)
    Raid Times: 7pm - 10pm / 7:30pm - 10:30pm
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday / Friday
    Openings: Healers (preferably priests or paladins)

    Bloodbound is a casual raiding guild looking to fill some healer positions in our 10-man raids. We're a longstanding guild that's been around since December 9th, 2004, consisting of a group of friends who love playing together. We're looking for healers of any spec, though we would prefer priests and paladins for our main 10-man raid, as we already have a shaman and druid. Gear and experience is not important as long as you know how to play your class and have a willingness to learn. The most important thing we're looking for, though, is your personality; we want someone we can be friends with, so if you're a cool dude who gets along with others easily, then we look forward to hearing from you!

    We are a casual guild, and as such, we're not as progression-oriented as more hardcore guilds, so please keep this in mind. We want someone who will be patient and laugh about the wipes with us. In addition to raiding, we hold a variety of guild events every month, from old school raid nights to hide and seek. We also hold seasonal events like Halloween costume contests and Secret Santa in-game. If we sound like people you'd like to hang out with, please apply!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please send in-game mail to either Sound, Chiot, or Kho, or catch us in-game and whisper us, if you'd prefer. If you wish to apply, please visit our website (Google Bloodbound Guild to find it, please!) and submit an application there. Thank you!
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