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    American to MMO-Champion

    My first and last post on this site

    in reference to a post on the WoW general forum

    So I heard you guys are anti-American and decided to see whats REALLY going on here.

    I browsed your forums for maybe 30 minutes and found some pretty ugly post and comments.

    I don't speak for everyone one here in Bagram, Afghanistan but the 17 nations that are represented here would probably disagree with

    the garbage that is allowed on these forums.

    Moderator Note: Infracted. Please post in the proper forum if you do so again and refrain from nation-bashing. - ML
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    While yes this site was created by a European and has many people from there on this site, there are also many Americans here. I myself am American. And there are many American discussions in the Off-topic space that isn't anti-American. There are people here who are anti-American but it's not the majority.

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    What are you actually upset about, again?

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    I don't see Non-Americans bash on the American populous when for a majority of the time they're mad at our government. Anyways haters gonna hate.

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    If you are in "Bagram, Afghanistan" and have indeed the leisure to worry about the lack of political knowledge/education of posters on a video game board, it must be really peaceful there. Which I hope for all Americans stationed there is true.

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    Waaaaaaaah ???? *Scratches Head
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    I rarely post in Anti-American threads because I don't feel like getting into a troll fight. But it seems that Anti-American threads and posts are allowed to go on way longer than the sites own rules should allow. Seems like as soon as someone says something about someone or something from EU they are infracted/banned or thread locked. Could just be me though. I just get the feeling that mods and admins only care if it's something they like or agree with getting talked badly about.

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    The anti American comments here are pretty disgusting I have to agree.

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    Won't bother to move this elsewhere. Closing and will infract the OP for nation-bashing.
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