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    computer doesnt recognize monitor

    Ok, heres the issue;
    For the last week at work the computer I use does not seem to recognize that there is a monitor there, that is, its a constant black screen.
    The computer is otherwise running just fine, I've check that everything, both inside and outside are connected....the weird part is after maybe 10-20 attempts of just turning the power on/off it starts just fine and runs perfect.

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    Check to see if the issue is with the monitor, or with the computer.

    Connect the monitor to another computer to test it.

    Is the monitor receiving power?

    - If it is the computer; and you're using a dedicated graphics card with multiple ports, try plugging the monitor into the second port.

    - If it is the monitor; and you're not comfortable opening it up and fixing it yourself, you may have to get a new monitor.
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    its the computer
    other note, ive tested the video card as well: not the issue

    edit: it is receiving power, however once its on it almost instantly goes to power save mode(and stays there)
    I've also already tested all the video ports/on board graphics
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    did you try to unplug everything from/to the monitor? (with your computer turn off ofc), and maybe some cleaning of the connectic (remove dust, bugs...)?
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