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    How's this price for a pc?

    I was looking around for a new pc and found this, outside of an added SSD or changing the RAM to a better number I don't really need any comments about the spec itself, just interested in what people think of the price (and if/how much cheaper they know it could be got for)

    i7-3770 3.4GHz
    2x4GB and 2x2GB (12GB) RAM
    2 TB HDD
    1.5GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 660

    I got this as a pre-built pc (with some other stuff attached) for £660, it sounded like a pretty good deal and I wanted to avoid getting separate parts and having to check compatibility on things. For those interested it was from Dell, used mostly for the good customer support.

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    what is the computer going to be used for?
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    Since you've already purchased it, there's not really any room for discussion here. Threads like this always turn into a dozen or so people saying "You shouldn't have bought THIS, you should have bought THAT" even though it is already too late.
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