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    I did not answer your last post cause it was not worth answering. Even if PTR comes up for 5.2 today everyone knows that the raid content will not be coming anytime soon - simply because its not close to ready. PTR coming up is just PR from Blizz and probably mainly focused on getting better PVP balance tested.

    It does not matter why ppl were stuck with ICC for 12 months and DS for 8. They failed to deliver content with regular intervals like ppl expected. Like subscribers expect.

    And just so you know - I work full time job and have a family to feed. Thats why I expect a computer game that I pay monthly subscription for to actually allow me to play the game when I come online for the little spare time I have. I have finished the normal raiding tier pretty easily with 3 raiding days per week. I have seen more of the "content" than most of the unemployed nubs have. But I will not waste 1 min more of my spare time while the developers leave the game in its current state of horrible managment including hour long LFRs Qs because they failed to support a strong trinity based gameplay. Instead they went full out DPS support in scenarios and daily quests and Brawlers guild. Alts might be getting past the first hurdle of rep grinds - but 1 hour of LFR Qs will force most ppl out next few weeks and months.
    And you fucking broke the system cuz you could not controll your self and replied. Hello mmo-champ forums. If you have a family you should reconsider your damn priorities. I know is catering to the casuals but wtf. 1 Hour of lfr que? Did your placebo pill make that up? Read your shit before you post it. I guess you are one of the sunwell-gate haters too. Oh wait you we're never there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    WOW is trying to counter GW2 with supporting DPS to the top this expansion. Other roles in the game are suffering and it leads to less balance overall in the game. . Alot of guilds are struggling big time to fill needed roles. As for me - My guild lost 4 players in the last 2 weeks to RIFT. 3 healers and main tank. More ppl are leaving and we no longer even bother to do raids. And my guild is not the only one. Its happening all over the game.

    As for why I feel MOP is unfriendly to Tanks, healers and multi-role characters? It is. Dailies are created to be most efficient for DPS - scenarios were added to shorten the LFD Qs. And MOP launched with least amount of 5 man trinity dungeons ever. But now... few months into the game - LFR Qs have grown endless cause of all of the DPS focus. And even worse... because of the role loot system where the few tanks and healers that are left are actually Qing up as DPS to get gear for Dailies and Brawlers Guild.

    If you do the math - you can easily find out how bad the valor upgrade system will be for players that are playing 2 roles equally. Those players will always be on avarage about 20 item lvls lower in both roles. Thats why many are now going RIFT because of strong support for multiroles.
    Sorry about your guild dieing, but that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. People leave wow all the time and many raiders dislike dailies per se.

    MOP is no more unfriendly to Heal/Tank as all the other xpacs. Yes tank questing damage was lowered quite a bit, but w dualspec that isn't a problem, even if you insist of soloing in a MMO. 5.1 did something to LFR queues, I don't know what but I doubt that it's the issue you're bringing up. Your issue would affect LFR Q gradually but I went from 4 minutes as DPS to an hour within a day. Maybe they broke something behind the scenes and didn't tell us, I don't know.

    I do not need to do the math at all. Even if you want to fully upgrade ONE SPEC you'd need what 6 months? That's OBVIOUSLY never going to happen for a normal raider, because that normal raider can consider himself lucky if he even gets BiS normal gear before the next Tier releases. The point of item upgrades is that you can upgrade the few BiS pieces you have, and even then... it's just not much you get.
    Some math?
    For me as a shadow priest:
    upgrading an armor-item nets me around 80-130pp.
    That's less int than a friggin GEM (160).
    Only thing really worthwhile is upgrading you weapon. (550pp Heroic version, normal probably less than that)
    So: no, It's most definitely NOT necessary to upgrade you offspec gear. You'll do just fine with the normal items.

    BTW: I think the upgrade system is intended as a valor dump for raiders that would otherwise just waste this currency. Ofc "joe average" instantly believes that it's 100% mandatory and that he can't raid without it. lol.

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    pve- can definitely pick and choose here, i simply ADORE the detailed chest, pants and gloves. I'll have to see how the shoulders and helm go on my char but i have some great morgs if i end up not liking them. But the chest, pants and gloves are amazing and ornate

    pvp- I do very much like this set, though i could go for another chest as i prefer heavy armored looks for my pally. but i like the rest of my set on my female pally.

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    I don't see the big deal with not fixing the UI so what if you have to reload your UI to change a talent if the game is stopping it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    WOW is on its last meters on so many levels now. The main reason is because the developers have not been doing their job over the last few years to improve many of the core features of the game. That includes outdated content update system that will not stand a chance against F2P games where you dont have to pay monthly subs.

    BLizzard managed to keep Cata in 9 millions by giving the expansion for free towards the end. And they got mop to 10 million but thats the lowest number of any WOW expansion. At the same time players are finding out exactly what the new "content" is in MOP. Its called dailies and you dont have to look for long to see what most ppl think about it. Even big name players that played WOW for years are claiming MOP raids are some of the worst seen in any expansion. It will not hold ppl interested over the next 4-5 months until next tier is out. PPL will be leaving and playing better value games rather than doing dailies. Some might return for 5.2 but I guess most will simply remember the horror of dailies and see that 5.2 has new batch of them to gate their "content"
    And here again we have yet another hater and bullshitter that thinks a few down moments in a games cycle will be its end,if i had the powers that be i would grab a post from every WoW expansion that said "WoW is going downhill coz of this expansion it wont last another year". My advice is go learn about the games industry first and spend a few years in it then try write your comments again without feeling a complete dick,my family has been in the games industry since i was 6 and i know all the signs all the warnings and all the tricks of the trade,and i for one can promise you all that WoW will still be around for the next 10+ years. So please sir stop with the "I know it all" comments and go learn something about the industry first.

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