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    Astro A40 2013 headset opinion

    Got a friend of mine looking for a new headset and he asked me about the recent Astro A40 2013 headset. I've never owned a pair of Astros, but I have read here and there they are pretty decent, but they seem rather pricey, mic isn't great, but one major negative I keep finding is that the general consensus on their customer support is total crap to non existent. Anyone own a pair of these newer 2013 A40s have opinions on them?

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    Ive had a40s since 2008. Around 2010(out of warranty) right headphone stopped working, I emailed astro to see what can be done and their decision was to give me free replacement.
    As far as the headphones go, they are very comfortable, light and i never had any issues with detachable mic. Biggest plus is that they cover my whole ear. I also bought the amplifier but never felt the need to use it.

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    A40's are massively overpriced unless you need the feature of being able to plug it into PC and consoles.

    Sound quality itself is on par with $100-150 proper headphones from audiophile brands such as AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Shure & Sennheiser.
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