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    Post Massive green underlined spam in forums text since today.


    As of today i am getting huge amounts of green spam text on every forum topic. Anyone else having the same problems?

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    Nothing here. Seems like you have an add-on installed for your browser that does this.
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    This means that you have some adware(s) installed on your pc. I suggest running a Malwarebytes scan first. If nothing shows up, uninstall everything you have installed in the last 3 days (programs, browser addons, etc). If this doesn't fix it, use a system restore point. It might fix the issue but could also cause other problems.
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    It's adware on your local machine most likely.

    Check out this thread:


    Similar stuff.
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    I am running MacOS 10.8.2.

    Already solved the problem. For some reason i got the green text with add block enabled. When i turned off of everything was fine.
    Added 2 more advertisement url's to block and everything works again.

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