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    Who do you think is the most difficult boss in game excluding yog+0 pre nerf

    My personal thought is Ragnaros 25 HC

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    Heroic LK no buffs competing with what you've stated - Ragnaros HC

    Yogg Zero still takes the cake though even if you told me to exclude it.

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    HC 25 lk has the spot for the hardest encounter.

    Yogg+0 comes a close second.

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    HC 25 LK
    Pre-nerf M'uru
    Ragnaros 25 HC
    Howay the lads!

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    Heroic LK 25m
    Heroic Ragnaros 25m

    thats it for me...

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    Heroic sha of fear.

    Don't thank me, OP said is, not was.

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    #1 Ouro - 87 days from the Twin Emperors' death. 26th April 2006.
    #2 C'thun - 86 days from the Twin Emperors' death. 25th April 2006.
    #3 tied Chromaggus - 74 days from Ebonroc's death. 25th September 2005.
    #3 tied Ragnaros - 74 days from Majordomo Executus' death. 25th April 2005.
    #5 Yogg-Saron, Alone in the Darkness - 70 days from Stars' first pull. 7th July 2009
    #6 High Astromancer Solarian - 59 days from Magtheridon's death (unlocking the Eye). 24th April 2007
    #7 The Four Horsemen - 56 days from Gothik's death to D&T's kill. August 25th 2006
    #8 Al'ar <Phoenix God> - 48 days from Magtheridon's death. 13th April 2007
    #9 The Lich King (Heroic 25) - 42 Days from Heroic Putricide's death (first pull). March 26th 2010
    #10 Heroic Al'Akir 25 - 36 days from Heroic Conclave of Wind's death. January 22nd 2011.
    #11 Kael'thas Sunstrider <Lord of the Blood Elves> - 31 days from Solarian's death (first pull). 25th May 2007
    #12 Magtheridon - 29 days from the first level 70 25-man raid. 24th February 2007
    #13 Lady Vashj <Coilfang Matron> - 17 days from being unlocked. 29th March 2007
    #14 Leotheras the Blind - 16 days from Hydross' death. 4th March 2007
    #15 Loatheb - 14 days from Heigan's death. 17th July 2006
    #16 tied Heigan the Unclean - 13 days from Noth the Plaguebringer's death. 3rd July 2006
    #16 tied Hydross the Unstable <Duke of Currents> - 13 days from Gruul's death (Unlocking Serpentshrine). 16th February 2007
    #16 tied Heroic Cho'gall - 13 days from Heroic Ascendant Council's death. 15th January 2011.
    #16 tied Heroic Nefarian - 13 days from Heroic Atramedes' death. January 9th 2011.
    #20 tied Archimonde <The Defiler> - 10 days from Azgalor's death. 9th June 2007
    #20 tied Gothik the Harvester - 10 days from Instructor Razuvious' death. 30th June 2006
    #22 tied Mimiron Firefighter 25 - 8 days from Ensidia's first pull. May 1st 2009
    #22 tied Sapphiron - 8 days from Four Horsemen dying. 2nd September 2006
    #22 tied Gruul the Dragonkiller - 8 days from Maulgar's death. 3rd February 2007
    #25 Reliquary of Lost Souls - 6 days from Gurtogg's death. 2nd June 2007
    #26 tied Kel'Thuzad - 5 days from Sapphiron's death. 7th September 2006
    #26 tied Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver> - 5 days from the opening of the third Sunwell gate. 25th May 2008
    #26 tied Sinestra - 5 days from Heroic Cho'gall's death. January 20th 2011.
    #29 tied Heroic Anub'arak 25 - 4 days from Heroic Twin Val'kyr's death. September 6th 2009.
    #29 tied M'uru. 4 days from the opening of the second Sunwell gate. 4th May 2008
    Kael'thas and Lich King are the two hardest bosses I've worked on as content. Satharion+3 pre-zerg and Mimiron HM (which I never got) were also tough.

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    1. C'thun
    2. Chromagus
    3. C'thun trash....

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    Encounter-wise, I'd have to say the Lich King... Although we wiped more on Ragnaros 2.0... stupid healers never moved out of the fire >.<

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    Heroic Lich King and Sinestra

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    Some guilds said it's H LK some said it's H Rag. I don't really know because I couldn't beat both of them. LOL!
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    So much for the tolerant left.
    I have vivid memories of pre-nerf Vashj.

    But yes, zero light Yogg takes the cake.
    Do no harm, but take no shit.

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    I once got a spine of deathwing lfr in the first week with 12 hunters that all didnt know what growl was or that you could put a pet on passive. now thats a challenge lol.

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    Original Magtheridon adds would 1-shot players
    Original Gruul rocks would also 1-shot players

    Think the original C'thun was unbeatable at first
    Yogg +0 was difficult at first because people didn't know how to do it (they tried all crazy shit) till some chinese guild did it.

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    M'uru says hi...

    C'tun and Yogg +0, dunno why you don't want to count it on

    O course all out of nerfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    M'uru says hi...
    M'uru wasn't as hard as people make him (her?) out to be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post
    M'uru says hi...

    C'tun and Yogg +0, dunno why you don't want to count it on

    O course all out of nerfs.
    I wouldn't know because i never went into SWP in the old days,but a lot of famous guild say that Lich King heroic and Ragnaros heroic were way harder than M'uru

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    Heroic LK and hc ragnaros is in my top 5, about some bosses in vanilla/tbc taking long before the kill, you have to remember that a lot of them where bugged and broken when first reached.

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