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    No it's not. Crit rate isn't as low as everyone thinks it is, mines at 31%, so almost 1 in 3 attacks will proc 2 CPs. Not only that but OoC, at least for me, procs quiet a lot, and since i'm still into the habit of spamming shred to 4CP, it normally gets wasted on a shred anyway. Very very rarely do I not get to 4CP before PS runs out, and even in those rare cases which I don't, I still have NS to save my ass, which atm I consider a part of my opener, and an "Oh shit I messed my rotation" button. That or used for target switching which I don't really agree on.

    Extending the duration of PS would just kill it. You also get the 6 second window. PS is 8 seconds. Granted you will be in a GCD the 1st second, so lets say you get 7 seconds of active time, which is more then enough imo, has been working out fine for me, never heard anyone else complain that PS is too short either.
    I actually think that PS should've been 1 second longer especially when i was gearing up but now i think it's perfect timed. The problem alot of us dose is keeping NS for the "Oh shiet no OoC proc, Crit,TF moment and we end up having to HT on the 3rd combo point and then pop NS at the 4th and continue, What alot of us(even me) is doing is actually a DPS lost when you think about it you could probably have 8 more attacks during that boss fight buffed with DoC if it wasn't the case that you only used it in the opener and held it of for the moment 4 mins in the fight where RNG was a bitch.
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    Disappointed. Thought this thread was about furries.

    Old memes are old. Please post constructively if you're going to post. Infracted.
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    I like General Off-Topic. It's really cool to see people with My Little Pony avatars advocating for genocide.

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    I didn't mean to start a Sky is falling/L2P argument. Yes some aspects are L2P as I am quite rusty and I'm playing on a laptop in Afghanistan. There are some other issues though. While I am glad to have a LK style rotation back most fights so far seem so movement heavy that it can be frustrating. There still seem to be cleave and target switching issues, any tips are greatly appreciated. The level 87 and 90 abilities seem a little disappointing. I've gone with HoTW so far because its the only one that feels fun. I'm a little jealous of the DPS that can pull half the countryside while doing dailies. I know not everybody can do that so thats part sour grapes on my part. It does seem like we are awfully squishy now though and we don't seem to have the toolkit other squishies have for those situations. We do have a lot of tools, they just don't seem quite as effective. Once again any tips are welcome

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    My main pet hate is the fact we still have outdated positional requirements - I really wish they'd get over it being extra flavour or fun or whatever their reason is for it still being around and just combine mangle/shred into one skill with no positional req. It's not a huge issue but it is irritating when you're standing in front of a boss (Sha), or a boss spins around to cast some spell on the raid; I just really can't see any justification as to why we still have to put up with it.

    Well that and I hate the fact that Symbiosis is not even usable while soloing.

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    I'm a little jealous of the DPS that can pull half the countryside while doing dailies
    I generally try to pull 10-20 mobs at once for dailies if I ever do them on my druid. HoTW is amazing. With barkskin and rejuv on yourself you basically can't die and HOTW hurricane kills pretty much every mob in a single cast. I can't be positive on this, but I think ferals have the highest personal damage reduction cooldowns available outside of tanks and windwalkers.

    My main pet hate is the fact we still have outdated positional requirements
    So mangle then. It's been shown that mangle vs shred is roughly a 0.1% damage differential on patchwerk, most likely basically equal in practice, and superior on anything that isn't a straight single target fight. It used to be clearly better than shred but then they fixed the ursol's vortex bug and now they're more or less equal again.

    Personally, my main issue is that HoTW should be a baseline ability we get and there should be a third dps choice at level 90, but oh well, can't say I've got much to complain about the class.

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    I generally try to pull 10-20 mobs at once for dailies if I ever do them on my druid.
    Pretty much this.
    Zerk + other cd's to kill them fast for one pull.
    Defensive cd's for the next pull.

    I must say... I have really fallen in love with DoC since. I still only use it for the fights that make sense (no not stone guards, garalon, wind lord, amber shaper, tsulong or lei shi) but I really do love it on the others. I love the challenge it represents

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    It sounds like the dailies issue is a gear problem on my part. I rarely get to play these days so when I do get in those situations my cooldowns expire before I have killed all the mobs. Any tips for raid situations with 2-3 mobs?

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    two targets: Rake on both targets. Trash on both targets. Swipe on ooc procs when trash doesn't need to be refreshed. If you have enough cp, use those for rip.
    (I bet it is benefitial to use mangle in order to gain cp but I don't know.)
    In practise this situation is not going to occur very often. Only fight I use this is stone guards and it has been long since I actually dpssed it and didn't paint 100% of the time in tank spec ><

    3 targets: Trash on all, rake on all. Swipe for cp. If enough cp = rip

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