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    ret pvp

    Are they still shat on by dispels? I remember that anyone that could dispel in cata destroyed me but curious if that has changed in MoP ?

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    Nope, no offensive CDs are dispellable anymore.

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    Ret PvP is broken , dont waste ur time on a broken spec , u can check the ladders and ull see that Retribution is not welcomed in RBGS nor in Arenas , the PVP power nerf made Ret unplayable , also his sustained dmg is Low without his cds , Low survivability

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    Dispels still hurt us but not as bad as it use to be. Honestly Ret needs some work in terms of PvP and I'm not sure how much Blizzard knows this right now.

    If Ret gets some love in 5.2 we should be in a good spot over all.

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    Ret isn't getting any love by blizz so we are forced to go Holy in PvP or Prot(only viable till 2k rating in RBG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubadudu View Post
    Holy in PvP... or Prot... only viable till 2k rating
    I think I got dumber reading this.

    Let me rephrase so I come out clearer, why would anyone want a prot pally anywhere in a PvP scenario, demo locks are a dime a dozen and way more tanky than actual tanks, with double teleport, heroic leap, shield wall, peels, etc.

    Holy is only viable to 3k rating.
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