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    ANy WoW/Starcraft/Diablo bloggers out there?

    Hey all,

    I recently started a blog when MoP came out, and have been struggling to find other active bloggers, alot of the time I'll find a lovely looking blog and then see the last post was March 2012 or something, not exactly current reading...

    I had a look on the other forum sections, and since blogs are usually 'general discussions' thought it best to post here!

    I'm looking for more blogs to add to my roll, so please post your blog link below.

    Here is my little blog, hope you have time to have a spy! http://memoirsofapetcollector.blogspot.co.uk/


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    I recently began my own blog dedicated to transmogrification, its very young but has several sets i made for my toons
    mogboutique . tumblr . com

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