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    time for professions to be reworked for 1-300?

    there is absolutely no synergy with progression through the 1-60 content and 1-300 professions.

    i recently made a rogue and tried to match my leveling with leatherworking. the flaws i found that no matter what the gear i could make was always far below my level, and the mats required for the items my level were from content far above mine...

    the gear doesnt match what is available from questing/dungeons anymore so basically you are just vendoring them. and the materials required are absolutely absurd.

    the skins required to get to thick is roughly around 700-800... most mobs drop 1 skin, rarely i got a guild perk proc. and you need roughly 800-1000 skins to go from thick to knothide.

    thats nearly 2000 SKINNABLE mobs you need to mindlessly grind for gear you are going to vendor anyways.

    i would suggest severely reducing the amount of materials required for 1-300 or up the amount of skill up per craft, make the gear useful, or match the ilvl with the ilvl of the mobs you are farming the materials from. as of right now its a complete PITA and making my leveling experience horrible. i cringed at the thought of logging on my rogue this morning knowing i have to grind 1000+ yeti just get to Burning Crusade caliber leatherworking so i can progress my character.

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    Blacksmithing , Leather working , enchanting all need a major overhall from 1-300 and I agree mobs should drop more then 1 skin even at lower levels and btw your number for the amount of skins is probably double that because you get so many that drop partial skins that can't make a real skin until you get 5 of them ....that by far is the most annoying thing about trying to level LW'ing >:-(

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    I completely agree with you and feel your pain. I have leveled LW twice and both times I have had to bring in one of my max level toons to speed up the leather gathering process.

    I also had full heirlooms the second time so none of the gear that I made was useful, it was just DE fodder. I know that Blizzard will say that they don't want to make the lower level materials obsolete but to be honest, they already are.

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    IMO they should re-work the whole concept.

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    Yeah, profession leveling is quite sucktastic when you start fresh....and as you are hinting at, there is no way you will have enough mats to even hit 300 while leveling a toon to 60 in particular without going way, way out of your way gathering or buying tons of shit (sometimes wonky, weird as hell items) from the AH. Skinning is a rather unrewarding profession and always has been, so of all professions it needs to be revised and expanded on to become viable for more than just skins for LW. Overall, profession leveling is very grindy...I have tons of max level professions already but nonetheless I would 100% support them taking a series look and making them more pleasant.

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    Ofc its very grindy and timesinky, becayse thats what wow is. LW is the only one, but then in times past people didnt have level 90s just to aie mobs down or access to gold where they could just buy stuff from the ah.

    Maybe we could persuade blizz to let us have all professions maxed from the start then thered be no need to train or skill up. That way it would be less grindy and free mats would be handy as well.

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    You're joking, right, Mr. Tiger?

    The fact is that 525-600 is a joke to level, it's basically given to you. Why should 1-300 be so sucky?

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    Yeah I've been levelling Tailoring on my Priest recently. 4x Silk Cloth per bolt, and 4-5 bolts per item quickly turns into about 800-1000 cloth in total. Obviously being lazy I bought all of it, but imagine a new player having to farm that much silk. The lower levels require too much materials, and as said in the OP, for the wrong levels.

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    As expansions continue to be released, leveling a prof from 0 gets more difficult. I never liked the fact that you can have only 2 professions. I always felt that you should be able to learn all the professions but only have 2 active at one time.

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    I had 2 leatherworkers (now only 1), I can't recall I had to kill 800-1000 mobs to skin. I am "pacifist", so I wouldn't forget that. All professions became significantly easier to level than before same Cata. Leveling any profession 1-600 now is approximately same time and resource-wise as leveling profession 1-300 (yes, not to maximum) preCata.

    Only problem is CRZ as it produces mass-deficit in everything, including mobs for skinning (and resource nodes, especially in Outland and Northrend - it's like they were removed entirely from the game). But that's a different story, and problem would be in CRZ and not in professions.
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    I find skinning to be very fast, especially with CRZ. There's always so many mobs left behind by others that you can skin. It adds up very fast. And yes I'm talking about lower levels also. What they need to do is lower the amount of mats needed for LW, BS etc.

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    Don't forget that the demand for profession mats is really the main source of income for newbie players. I'm fine with them keeping the mats requirements where they are, however I agree that the craftable items need to be redone badly to match other equivalent items available at that level. They're hopelessly outdated now.

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    It's becoming more efficent to just no bother with profs till u level cap, then just buy the mats. Leveled alchemy to 600 in just over an hour for a bit under 3k gold.

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    I agree, professions aren't viable to level up with your character without staying back for like 4 to 5 hours, catching up said profession.

    I remember back in Vanilla while I was leveling my druid, I had to level up my character level so I could unlock the next tier of leatherworking. I made myself a bunch of useful gear and sold the pieces that I didn't need on the AH.

    Nowadays it has to do with the fact that leveling from 1-80 has been so streamlined via nerfing the exp required to level as well as having multiple ways to get more exp than normal besides rested via guild perk, boa's, etc...
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    Put me in the camp of the professions at lower levels need work. Especially since leveling has been streamlined so much.

    I think xp at lower levels is way too fast (its why I have so many level 85+ toons). They redid Azeroth and did a fabulous job on it, no need to rush us through it! Slowing down leveling would help professions all by itself. If leveling stays streamlined, then professions should also be streamlined as well, reducing substantially the amount of mats to level up. However, I would prefer that the pace of leveling be slowed down, that is, make it take longer to level up. Or maybe a bit of both, slow down leveling up a bit, and reduce profession mat cost a bit. I also think that mats like Iridescant Pearls should just be removed from recipes. Or, alternatively, have a tip for each tradeskill item telling which mobs drop it. These should be uncommon, but not rare, in drop rate.

    More importantly, the gear created from tradeskills needs to be substantially upgraded. Maybe not quite as strong as BOA gear, but a lot closer. The gear will only be used for 10 or so levels anyways. Buffing the gear might make it useful for all of 20 levels. Definitely not game breaking. Similarly, potions and elixirs should be buffed, as well as enchants.

    Summary: Leveling speed and profession leveling speed should be in sync, which they are not as leveling speed is much faster than profession leveling speed, and the quality of crafted gear should be substantially upgraded.

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    Yes, they should revamp the professions, just as they did all the questing in Cataclysm (they should have done it then!).

    Other than gathering profs, I usually leave the crafting profs until higher levels, when you can farm mats for the lower skill levels.

    Mining and Herbing bring you a decent amount of gold as you level (definitely recommended if you are starting on a new realm/server).

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    All crafting profession power leveling pretty much from 1 to 450 (or even 525) sucks badly because all that crap you're making is going to get vendored or DE'd if you are lucky to be enchanter on alt. Which is usually tiny fraction of material cost in AH or time invested into farming these mats (as baseline I use my embersilk farming 8k gold per hour)

    In Vanilla we got only 300 profession skill points. Now we have...600, twice as much, while 90% of all your recipes are completely irrelevant.

    I'd say either greatly simplify low level prof leveling (cutting down the amount of mats required by at least 75%) or completely remove and make profession level determined by player level upon learning it.

    Something like this:
    profession learned at level 70 - start at 300
    at level 80 - start at 375
    at level 85 - start at 450
    at max level (90) - start at 525, effectively skipping whole irrelevant content, ready to level through MoP content.

    There will still be opportunity for players that want to max it out at level 80 - just learn 375 profession and level it up from there.
    Most players level with gathering proffs so they can make little additional coin. This change would be a godsend.

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    If anything, blame it on being able to level via LFD and random BGs. Were people still having to quest from 1-85 in order to level, the mats may not be as painful to obtain via the AH. I recently leveled JC on an alt and had to fly around and farm 80% of the mats needed, since 1-300 mats on my realm are almost nonexistant once you get past copper/tin or light leather or peacebloom/silverleaf. Which, of course, coincides with the level people are able to start chain running dungeons to level.

    I don't "blame" people, though, for doing something if it's fun. I find the dungeon running for lowbies to be MUCH more fun than questing for the 3462304784th time. Did more than enough leveling via questing during vanilla and BC. :P

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    Leveling is now kinda difficult to determine which is the "best" path because questing got nicely reworked in Cata (at least for 1-58, BC is still huge anal pain) and with full heirloom gear I usually outlevel a zone after merely doing 1/3rd of the quests available.

    Dungeons are ok to do once for quests they offer, except for BC part (58-68) where I really advise spamming dungeons because outland questing is ugh...
    Which is also the cause for really expensive Outland mats (ores, herbs, skins, whatever Outland-only) everyone avoids those zones like fire.

    People also tend to skip Cataclysm content a lot, especially with greatly lowered experience needed. Result - hypnotic dust was <15g a stack in Cata, now i sell it at...210 gold per freaking stack! Cata ore shuffle ftw.

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    Recentley levelled all proffs to 600, worst by far were:

    Blacksmithing & Leatherworking, with LW being the worst.

    Make the recipes grant multiple skillups like they do for Cata/MoP and reduce the materials (and buff the drops from Skinning).

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