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    Perfect Gems—Addons?

    Does anyone know of an addon that will queue up crafting perfect gems, similar to TSM? I was reading around for ways to make TSM do this as it does with other crafts, but it doesn't sound like they have any plans to add this functionality.

    Something that will show me the profit of each perfect gem in a list would be nice too. It's easy enough to calculate individually, but I'd like to see them all in a list so I can compare week to week.

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    I guess that's a no.

    How do others who work the perfect gem market handle this? Calculating profit and crafting a bunch of perfects.

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    Not sure if this is possible

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    I don't see why you'd need an addon to do this. Make a spreadsheet or a word document. Get the uncut price, how much 100 uncuts would cost, how many perfect gems you would end up with on average crafting 100, what a perfect is worth, and that should be all. Compare your numbers (include vendoring the number of non-perfects) and there you have it.
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    I think I know what you're referring too, but afaik nothing exists.

    When cutting perfects, you need to check the AH for the Rare price, not the perfect because most players are idiots. They'll see there's no perfects of a certain cut listed, so post some for 400g, then 10 undercutters come along, and post down to 350g... meanwhile the Rare cut is steadily selling for 75g and all the players in the perfect market are complaining they cant sell anything due to undercutters.... given that not everyone checks perfects in the first place, you aren't going to sell anything if it's priced higher than the rare cuts.

    On rare (very rare) occasions you'll perfects listed for well less than the same rare, but that's likely because someone just bought out all the cheap rare cuts leaving only the overpriced ones left. If you see a gem (perfect or rare) listed for 400g, don't get your hopes up! It'll be sub 100g in a few minutes. By all means list one for 400g and it might sell, but don't cut 20.

    At the moment, perfects are a lot of work for not much profit. If you were to do it, don't buy raw greens, prospect the ore yourself so you get some rares aswell. Every color has atleast 1 or profitable cuts (Perfect/Rare) so RNG doesn't really matter.

    The problem you run into is having to check 2 prices (rare/perfect) everytime you post an auction and when you check undercutters. Not every player looking for gems checks for perfects, especially if the rares are cheap enough, so it can be a bitter battle.

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    Perfects and rares should be treated as two independent items. Here's a really good discussion about that. You're just passing on free gold by undercutting based on the lesser of both items.

    Also, I have to buy uncommon gems and prospect to get enough mats to do everything I do.

    I was just looking for something that would queue up profitable perfects and craft until a specific amount are made, just like TSM does with everything else. Guess I'll have to keep doing it manually. I don't need an addon, it would just make it a lot easier and less time consuming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    Perfects and rares should be treated as two independent items. Here's a really good discussion about that. You're just passing on free gold by undercutting based on the lesser of both items.
    Maybe on some servers, but I'm yet to see it on mine.

    While it's true some players don't search both rares and perfects, the ones who only do one search aren't searching perfects, and if they are, they wont buy a gem for 400g. If there really are players that stupid, then there aren't enough of them for a steady income. As someone mentioned in that linked thread, the vast majority of players just search for rares and be done with it.

    I've tried to sell perfects for weeks while my rares fly out the door. When I started listing my perfects to undercut the rares, they flew out the door aswell because my competition were still trying to sell them at 10x market value undercutting each-other by 1copper.

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    I sell uncut rares, cut rares, and perfects. Some perfect cuts go for like 300g regularly while the rare version of that cut only sells for 200g (that's most orange and red cuts on my server). It happens fairly often on my server.

    If you're dealing in volume, carpet bombing every facet of the market yields great results. If you're running out of rares and unable to get more and not selling any perfects, then pricing perfect and rares the same will be a gain. Otherwise catching every possibility is more income.

    Any extra uncut uncommon gems, I just turn into jewelry and DE or vendor, depending on the dust market and my stock.

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    Yea, in the volumes I'm dealing with it was just too much of a hassle.

    I'm prospecting ~1000 ore a day, if not more. If I cut all common gems into perfects I need to really micro-manage to move them. If I list them at "perfect" prices then I accumulate them faster than they sell (because they don't). If I list them at rare prices they move just as fast as the rares, but take twice as long to list because I have to do it manually.

    I think part of the problem on my server is that 90% of the time, perfects are listed at 300%+ of the rares. Most rares are 80-120g while perfects are 350-450g. I get the feeling this has resulted in even more people not bothering to check for perfects.

    As such, I too have resorted to just crafting to DE (or Vender) the jewelery just to get rid of my commons. Most rares I sell uncut aswell. Not because they're worth more, just because they move faster. There's so many farming bots these days listing under-priced ore faster than I can prospect it that I'm more inclined to streamline the process.

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