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    Protection Warrior only profession's for raiding

    I'm just wondering is it alright to just use Mining and jc for a Protection Warrior then to say have bs and jc if im not dual spec'ing with arms or fury. I know mining is not a viable profession for raiding even though as a tank I get a stamina bonus my question is should I just ditch mining and level bs instead ?
    If this kind of thread has already been answered let me know cheers.

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    Mining is fine for a tank because of the stamina bonus (+480 I believe). The way I see it is it allows you to replace 2 pure blue gems or 4 purple/green gems from stamina+something to hit+something considering that hit is a viable stat for active mitigation. Jewelcrafting will probably go the way of Cataclysm and become the weakest crafting raid buff when epic gems come out. You're also restricted to Red, Yellow, and Blue gems only and I think the Blue and Yellow gems only offer 50% more per gem versus a normal gem. Blacksmithing is the best raiding profession as it allows you 2 extra sockets to gem as you wish, and will get better with epic gems.

    Unless min/maxing is of the utmost importance to you though, the small differences in profession buffs really won't make or break you.

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    For a main character, I would farm up enough mats to drop mining and pick up BS in your case for maximum options/flexibility (ex. if you decide to run an arms or fury off spec). If this is on an alt, stick to what you already have, IMO.

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    BS and LW are good options. The LW has good and cheap wrist enchants, and leg armor. Even the Sha armor has it's uses.
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    Every profession has stuff that is useful to every player. Just pick the things which sound the most enjoyable.

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    It really depends on how hard you and your guild want to push. If you're running LFR and expect to maybe have most of the bosses down on normal mode by the time of the next content patch, then you're fine with mining. Something else will give you a small edge, but if your ambitions are modest you probably don't need that slight edge and you can and should stick with whatever you like. If you're pushing harder, small edges might make a difference. Look around at the rest of your raid for guidance. If they're all maximizing professions, swapping spec and talents and glyphs for a tiny advantage, double-potting for maximum dps, then follow that example. If they're gemmed and enchanted and reforged right, but maybe playing suboptimal specs they enjoy more, or have gathering professions, don't use DPS potions, that's the level of play that's expected. If they're doing everything 'wrong' and just going in and having fun for a few hours a week killing easy bosses, then you really don't need to worry much.

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    I picked BS and LW. BS for obvious reasons, and LW because it saves me the trouble of wrists and leg enchants. It most likely was more expensive to level LW than I ever will save, but it gives me a good feeling. buy one threat, apply, done.
    oh and LW gives you a stamina enchant, while without LW you are stuck with mastery or dodge. seriously, they have str agi and int enchants available for bracers, is it so hard to add a normal stamina enchant for bracers? I really don't get it.

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