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    [H] Coalescence (25), 2day/week - Kazzak EU

    Exceptional Applicants will be accepted regardless of class

    Coalescence is a former top guild that was formed back in vanilla and has been with you since Molten Core. We have been present on Kazzak since 5-1-2006 and before that on old Daggerspine. Nowadays we have a more casual approach to the game and we are currently raiding 2 nights a week. With Dragon Soul on the doorstep we decided to go back to our old ways of 25 man raiding and has been progressing steadily upwards the rankings ever since.

    Former Feats include:

    Vanilla - Alliance first up to Naxx 40. Naxx 40 Cleared before TBC.
    TBC - Alliance Server First kills up to Muru and ranked 27th in the world in SWP.
    Wrath - ICC HC cleared (Casual raiding of 2 days, Ranking is unknown).

    BWD/Bot/Trone - 12/13 HC - Raiding 1/2 days a week.
    Firelands 6/7 HC pre 4.3 - 5th EU Alliance 2 day raiding guild.
    HC DS Cleared - 7th in the EU and 14th in the world at 2 day raiding.


    > We expect all applicants to have an exceptional understanding of their class and general game mechanics. We want our raiders to strive to always try and improve regardless of what level they are currently at.

    > Raid preparation. Having done extensive research on fights prior to first pull is mandatory. That includes not only having a general knowledge but also being able to know what you need to do in order to best optimize your performance and be ready for any assignments you may be given without having to be handheld. We don't supply vocal boss mods for our raiders. If you're the kind of player who needs this we're really not interested.

    > Being able to listen and follow directions given through voice communications and respond if needed. You should also have a basic social understanding and know when it is alright to speak up and when it's not.

    > Ability to take constructive criticism and improve accordingly. You should be open minded and willing to take advice into consideration from any member in the guild regardless of their rank.

    > Gear is always a nice bonus but it is not a major part of your application. If you can show that you are worth the effort we don't mind gearing you up.

    > Extensive experience from a raiding tier at a relevant date. We are mainly looking for ex-hardcore raiders that wants to raid at a more casual level in regards to time investment.

    > We also value social skills as we want our members to be a part of our long and strong community and not only log on twice a week for raiding.

    > Mature attitude. Be 18+ years old and have control of your own life.

    Raiding Hours
    Thursdays - 19.30-24.00
    Sundays - 19.30-24.00

    We expect our members to be able to attend close to 100%. Our raiding schedule is limited and we want to make out the most of it.

    One thing that defines us as a guild is that we have a tight knit community of people that had been with us for many years. Some of them are still raiding with us and some of them are still just a part of the community and participating in other casual activites. If you're also interested in playing other games then WoW you will most definetely find others who shares your interest here. We are actively looking to recruit the following classes. We all still enjoy the game and have been doing so for years which means that by playing in Coal you got a guild for the rest of the lifetime of World of Warcraft and for any upcoming MMO games in the future since we're all highly active in more or less all games that are released.

    We are actively looking to recruit the following classes.

    > Ranged - Caster dps (Warlock, Boomkin, Shadow Priest)
    > Melee - 2-3 DD DKs, Rogue, Retribution Paladin, Feral Driud
    > Healers - 1 Restoration Druid, 1 Restoration Shaman

    All exceptional applications will be accepted regardless of current class needs.

    If this sounds like something appeals to you more information and application instructions can be found at c o a l - g u i l d . o r g (without the spaces obviously)
    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact Asphyxion, Alrix, Oloth or Forky ingame.

    Thanks for considering Coalescence.
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    up up up we go!

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    Updated Recruitment in accordance to current vacancies in our roster.

    > Ranged - Caster dps (Warlock, Boomkin, Shadow Priest)
    > Melee - 2-3 DD DKs, Rogue, Retribution Paladin, Feral Driud
    > Healers - 1 Restoration Druid, 1 Restoration Shaman

    If your class isn't listen but you feel that you're an exceptional player who would fit well into our guild we're still very much interested in seeing your application. Exceptional applications will always be considered regardless of class needs!

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    Still recruiting the same classes/roles as mentioned in the post above.

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    As always we're interested in any exceptional applicants. Check wowprogress or first post for more specific recruitment needs.

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