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    Nemesis - Terenas (A)[10] is Recruiting !

    Nemesis, newly formed 10-man raiding guild, have now opened recruitment!
    Website : nemesis-terenas.wowstead.com

    About Nemesis :

    Nemesis is founded by friends who have been hardcore raiders in the past. But our real-life schedules interfere with getting the Hardcore stuff going again. Therefor Nemesis is aiming towards getting a 10-man team together with goals set to getting as much content down in a limited time.

    Currently recruiting :

    1 Tank :
    Paladin - Death Knight - Monk - Druid

    2 Healers :
    Paladin - Priest - Monk - Shaman

    2 DPS :
    1 Ranged : Mage - Priest - Druid - Shaman
    1 Melee : Warrior - Paladin - Rogue - Death Knight - Druid

    Any exceptional application will be considered.

    What we expect :

    -Serious raiding environment
    -People come prepared to raids(enchanted, gemmed, flasks and buff-food)
    -People who know how to play their classes

    Now that you know a short summary of what Nemesis is all about. Go check our website out if you think you can live up to our standards and share the same goals as we do in the game.

    Should you have anymore questions, do not hesitate to contact us ingame : Nevraxs, Genetix.
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    Only one more tank needed.

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