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    How was your first day of release of Mists of Pandaria like?

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    The first day was horrible. The reason being is that I tried to go for realm first 90 starting at 3 am in the morning. Never doing that again. Let's just say that it didn't work out so well.

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    The day MoP was released, I had my toon logged out in the Molten Front. Log on and a million people were standing on top of the NPCs. Played ~8 hours I think trying to get to 90? I didn't decide to try to get 90 first until I was one of the first ones to get into the Jade Forest and absolutely sure the first person to start on Valley of the Four Winds quests. I fell behind as soon as I started to do quests in the Krasarang Wilds. Quest objectives were spread out and many people were starting to make it to the area. Next time if your going for realm first, better make sure you played on the PTR, stock up on coffee, and possibly have a group to run dungeons non-stop for hours.

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    I woke up at 3 AM and levelled until my first class at 1 in the afternoon..

    ..My eyes were twitching by the time I went to bed.
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    Didn't play the first day because I already had a bad experience with the first day in Cataclysm in vashjir.... trying to loot the shell conch that spawns once every minute while hundreds of player are crowded over it. ugh

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