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    frost mage / windwalker

    been doing a lot of 2s with my friend who plays windwalker. we did some 3s with a holy pally we plan to do some more. anyone else play this comp? still farely new to pvp so any tips is much appreciated

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    I don't play with a Windwalker but I do play with a rogue ~1800-2000MMR. Rogue is a bit squishier with less self heals :P Generally if we get a healer/DPS comp we CC the healer and try to kill the dps. If we don't see progression we switch targets. Rdruid - DPS is a hard comp for mages because poly's are hard to get off. I usually like to blanket --> Poly --> Ring --> Poly and usually I can put enough burst out to burn the DPS down. This is of course after we've forced all CD's. Make sure you use your alter time offensively early, and then you'll have it again for defensively if the match goes sour.

    You're pretty decent for just getting into PvP. Really work on getting those alter times out, offensively and defensively it is literally a match changing ability. I also noticed you send your frozen orb out sometimes and it's not very well aimed. I usually try to save mine for either a double pet nova and it'll pretty much destroy the whole team.. or when I have a deep and they don't have an out. Usually frozen orb is one of my top three damaging ability.

    Good luck with mage, you're doing great so far.

    Begow @ Tichondrius Horde.
    My new main for cata =)

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