Thread: BWL bug?

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    BWL bug?

    I killed first boss in BWL 2 times on 2 different chars tonight, now i tried to go with my third and i cannot use the mind control orb, the button is not whited out or anything , i just press it and nothing happens, no MC or debuff either.

    Is this a bug or intended ?

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    Do you have a pet out?
    One cannot simply quit wow his way into Mordor.

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    Having a pet out bugs it so you cant use the orb. dismiss your pet and enjoy your 3rd clear

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    yes, i was with my warlock, do i have to stay without pet the whole fight or can i summon it after the first time i use orb?

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    Summon your pet once you destroyed all the eggs, guess you can summon it to kill off adds, but you cant have a pet when you click the orb.
    I just summon my pet when all the eggs are down on my hunter, can manage to kill adds witout it.

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    Razorgore essentially becomes your pet, so you can't have a pet out.

    Took me 2 seconds to figure out I had to dismiss my pet on my hunter.

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    ok thanks alot

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    Managed to kill it first try, the warlock is lvl 85 and went faster than with my 85 pala. Take pet off like u guys said, destroy some eggs, when alot of mobs come summon abysal, boss dies. Also pet dropped

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