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    Want 5 toed shoe dont want look

    hate look of shoe prefer a 5 toed shoe with the appearance of a normal shoe

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    anyone know where i can find one?
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    There are some that are crafted to look like running shoes by FILA. However they pale in comparison to the Vibrams. I own several pairs of Vibrams and I think you're better of getting them from then. Check Sun & Ski Sports website, REI, or Vibrams personal website to order pairs or check those stores.

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    I personally own a pair of Road Gloves (though I own many more [3] of Vibrams Five Fingers, as I prefer them), and they certainly give you the same relative feeling of strengthening your feet as if you were barefoot. That's just due to the fact that there's 0 arch support. But overall, I haven't found any other shoe outside of FiveFingers that have thin enough rubber soles to properly strengthen your feet (at least to my preference).

    For your everyday walking around, you could always go with something like a make your own moccasin kit. They look normal and have the best possible outcome for the barefoot effect.

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