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    Two questions about Mistweavers (newb)

    I wanted to try out healing on my monk, but am a bit overwhelmed by the whole Melee + Ranged style of healing with eminence.

    I was wondering, is it possible to heal entirely through ranged heals? At least until I get the hang of it. (I've only rarely played healers).

    Also, I'm currently using the Cranedancer's Staff from the monk questline, is the DPS intended or a bug?

    (since I can't post a link)

    [Cranedancer's Staff]
    ilv450 (0/1 upgrades)
    7,684-11,527 Damage
    2,910 DPS

    [Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker]
    ilvl 517 (2/2 Upgrades)
    7172-10760 Damage
    2,717 DPS

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    1) Yes, you can heal without being in melee. However, Mistweavers count as melee for raid mechanics, so you'll probably want to stand in melee anyways to avoid tornadoes and all of that kind of fun stuff. Either way, Jab is one of the most efficient and reliable Chi-generators so you might want to at least use that.

    2) Yeah the Cranedancer's Staff is weird, however with SP being converted to AP, the DPS starts to fall behind even LFR weapons.

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    It's a bug.
    Do not know if it does that dmg tho.

    And yes, you can heal by ranged if you'd like it.
    But without Jab'ing it's hard to get the chi you need when you need it.

    I like fistweaving and despise the soothing mists healing, but at some fights i find it hard to fistweave ( ex. last boss in MSV).
    So it's totally up to how you feel, but try to stand in melee to jab for the chi you need.
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    It's definitely possible to heal just through ranged, only thing you will face is gaining chi mainly from Soothing Mists's rng where as jab gives you a chi guaranteed. While you're ranged healing, dont stay too far away from the boss just in case you quickly need to build up your chi's. Roll into boss range, jab till full chi bar, and roll back out to ranged heals.

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    I made the mistake of using a 517 Jinya. I'm using my 509 Loshan now. I do more melee damage even though I'm using a shitty 476 ilvl OH.

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    The best way I've felt comfortable healing with after the 5.1 nerfs is a mixed style of ranged and melee healing where u keep the serpent's zeal buffs up, alongside the armorpen buff from Tiger Palm for melee hits to do some nice small healing (and try to keep ur statue around where there is most people clumped up). And do a few soothing mists if the raid damage is moderate, but on heavy raid damage go spam jab and uplifts on the raid.
    My two cents,

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    It is very doable healing with only ranged heals.
    You wont benefit of eminence, but i as a player prefer to be ranged.
    Although on some fights i do rely on eminence, Spirit kings are one of them.
    i find it more dependant on the encounter, than a matter of output.

    Log from 2nd boss in Mogushan vaults, where i am ranged healing.

    its all up to you in the end.
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