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    What an asshole.

    I despise people like that.

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    No... You acted wrong... This is the exact right time when your fist should have met his face and knock out few teeth or broken nose.

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    Friend was a douche, you wasted your time, I think you did the right thing. I've been in almost the exact situation before, and ended up having it out with my friend too. If he can't take the heat for his failings, you need to find better friends.
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    The guy was a complete idiot for not paying attention to his phone, giving two destinations and just not showing up.

    You did the right thing in just going back home, but I wouldn't even have left without having a clear destination.

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    Why be nice, tell him to f off and stop being an idiot.

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    Ask him if he wants to be hit with a right or a left

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    I put nope because you shouldnt' have left your house to begin with.

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    Sounds like a flake....I had a friend that was kind of like this in high school, he wouldn't even tell me his house number (I don't think he knew it, even though he'd lived there for a year or two) and when I got there he told me he forgot that he was grounded, pretty sure I facepalmed. He was a good guy, smart as hell when it came to school work, but flaky, so I stopped associating with him outside of school. I suggest you do the same, I'm pretty sure crackheads are more aware of what is going on in the world than this guy is. I don't think he was trying to waste your time on purpose, I think he's just...special. You were in the right, and I wouldn't have bothered going out, personally.

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    What a load of shit! You definitive made the right choice, you did more than I ever would have. I would have not left my place until I had the actual directions. The guy was obviously dicking you around, no doubt about it. If he was really playing BLOPS2 he could have easily called you after a match (there is a good two minute wait in between games)

    I just don't understand how someone can lose track of time when they plan to hang out with a buddy of theirs. If i was your "friend' and was just playing games to pass the time until I met up with you I would have my phone on and next to me and would be checking the time every now and then. I cannot stand having other people wait on me and vice versa, especially when it can all be easily avoided by simply picking up a phone instead of letting it ring off the hook 7 times in a row.

    If this happened to me and I got that whole "You gotta be kidding me, not cool" text I would have called him right up and raged at him for being a total fucking idiot and for having such a lame excuse for losing track of time.
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    Why are you friends with this guy again?

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    Black ops 2 Xbox 360

    Is it just me, or is this how you imagine every person who plays Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360 would act lol
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    It sounds like he has an issue with priorities and remembering. I mean how do you get so pulled into a game like CoD that you don't answer your phone after multiple calls or know what time it is when you have plans?

    I have to ask, Is this guy like 16?

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    Good grief. I have very little patience for this crap. I noticed younger generation is getting really irresponsible lately regarding pretty much anything. It's not a good trend and I don't want to promote it.
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    You should've told him off the moment you heard he was playing call of duty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howdyho View Post
    You should've told him off the moment you heard he was playing call of duty.
    LOL WOAH!!! Simmer down bro :O BLOPS2 is the shit!
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    Sounds like he was messing with you.. Dump that friend asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radoria View Post
    Yeah it sounds like he was just dicking you around. I'm assuming you're not very close to this guy or you would probably have his address. I wouldn't end the friendship or anything but I'd be pretty firm about what he did was fucked up.

    You could also get even with him and set up a scenario where you could ditch him and ruin his night. Tell him to meet you somewhere and don't show up, then when he calls tell him you were busy playing videogames. So busy that u couldn't press pause for 30 seconds to answer your goddamn phone.

    And yeah like some people are saying...who the fuck sends 2 locations? Is there any reason for that? Was he at once place but planning on going to the other soon? If he never explained why he sent you 2 addresses that only leads me to believe even more that he was just dicking you around.
    Sinking down to his level makes the OP just as bad as the friend in question.

    Personally I would delete his number from my phone and move on with my life.

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    Why are you friends with this guy?
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    This guy is an asshole fucking you about, he should've been a better friend and should have been straight with you.

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    You did the correct thing in my book. He shouldn't have invited you over/to the movie if he was so engrossed in Black Ops. Be wary of invitations from him in the future, methinks.

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