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    Yes, what a waste of a perfectly good evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshdatroll View Post
    You did the correct thing in my book. He shouldn't have invited you over/to the movie if he was so engrossed in Black Ops. Be wary of invitations from him in the future, methinks.
    This pretty much. I'm mainly wondering why he invited you for something he didn't really want to do anyway. I definitly wouldn't have left home before he told me the right address and if he wouldn't awnser his phone within a few attempts I'd stop caring and go home. If I plan to do something with somebody which is kinda vague, I make sure I pick-up my phone if that person calls.

    Basically, it sounds like he was just jerking you around and deserves a good punch in the face. Not sure why people think it is funny to waste other people their evening though... :S

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    He is an idiot.

    I voted no, you should have gone away.

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    I wouldn't call this person a friend. If anything I'd wager that he was wasting your time just for fun.

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    Seems a little absentminded on his part, you had every reason to go home, the movie was 15 minutes in already. Don't hang this over him forever though, forgive and forget.

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    Your friend isn't worth the effort. He was too distracted over a game? It sounds like he felt the game was more important than your time.

    The poll seems a little off though. People have voted "yes" to say you've done the right thing in blowing it off in the end, and other have voted "no" to say you did the wrong thing in leaving when he gave you two addresses. Both are answers to different questions.
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    The fact that your so called friend gave you two address shows me that he was messing you around and thought it was quite funny like most people on I believed you should of just stayed home.

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    If you ask me, you shouldn't bother with him ever again. He doesn't sound like friend material.
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    Unless he makes it up to you and apologizes he's not worth keeping around.

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