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Thread: Japan or Korea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kouki View Post
    Its Sick but if a woman is in court over the rape, and the Defence can proove an orgasm, she will lose ground on the case.

    Also they tried to claim in the USA when a man and his GF were abducted car jacked and Both raped by a family of men, that she was not anal raped because sperm drip down so defence claimed the men must not have anal raped her and should get less years for all the other horrid crimes.[COLOR="red"]
    Im calling bullshit on this.

    If I go and rape someone, but film it so there is evidence that im doing it.
    If i film her orgasming im off scot free?
    I dont think this is true. Where did you see this?

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    K, not sure why people can't stop talking about child porn here, but it seems people can't stay on topic or stay away from things not allowed here.


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