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    Quote Originally Posted by Wælcyrie View Post
    Am I the only one getting OCD and urges to scratch all that gooey looking stuff out from the eyes in the pictures?
    You are not alone!

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    Cool, but kind of gross too, in a freaky kind of way.

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    pretty amazing stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfootbigd View Post
    Ewww...... I think I'd prefer standing back here. Some of them look beautiful but some look like the intestines of a smoker. And makes me wonder, do we all really see the same exact thing?
    The ones that are smoother look better. The ones with large holes in them or look like thick spider webs are a bit gross. I wonder if thats normal. Im pretty sure most people see the same things(unless colorblind) or else TV and art would look very strange to a lot of people.

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    Some of them eyes looked pretty disgusting lol
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    Creepy as shit.

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    Most of them look disgusting, I liked the ones that looked like solid land with a lake in the center tho.

    The animal eyes look much better.

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    Some of them look nice, some look a bit gross.

    Would like to see how mine look up close. and my gf, I have blue eyes and she has very dark brown

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    Woah, why can't I stop staring, its almost like I can see how they work this close, its like looking at something mechanical and identifying what does what.
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    These pictures scare me...idk why.

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    I wanna stick my finger in it.

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    That made me a bit woozy @[email protected]

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    Crazy how they look up close. Now I want to see mine.

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    My eyes hurt just looking at it
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    Really really cool- I don't find it all that gross. I wonder what mine look like.
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    disturbing....some of them look like sponges and i just want to smush them.
    i need to shower now..

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    This is disturbing enough to make me want to tear my eyes out. Wish I hadn't come to this thread lol.

    EDIT: Need to tear eyes out has subsided since I went and looked at my own eyes up close. The irises have the look of a foggy brown marble nothing like those pictures at all (maybe I just can't see well enough but whatever).
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    Wow, you people have a really low tolerance to things eh.

    This is 'disgusting' to you? Wtf.

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    It looks like a solid mass of twisting, rot covered roots underneath the gelatinous eyeball.

    And to think beautiful eyes are one of the first things we notice in a person. Next up, let's take a close up look at teeth and all those micro-organisms forming a film over them!

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