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    Sharing a specific folder remotely to a computer on a different network?


    Having some trouble here - my brother has a "server" set up at work and he wants to basically be able to access a shared folder on the server, just by pressing said folder as a shortcut on the desktop of his home computer.

    I've already set it up so that he can remotely access the server normally (either as a ftp login or just by using standard windows remote access), but he doesn't want to go through the login process (don't ask why). Is there any way to achieve this?

    Both the server and his home computer is running Windows 7.

    I have full access to the server, home computer and home network.

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    net use \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\c$

    xxx = the remote PC you want to access
    C = the drive and folder you want to access.

    net use \\\folderPath$ username password

    then you can further add if it's persistent or not (forgot that command).
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    Another option is to use Dropbox, and it will update files to both computers.

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