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    Question Unleashed Fury & Earthliving not affecting certain spells?

    I have noticed that the talent UF does not properly increase certain healing spells like Riptide, even though they are supposed to be affected (according to UF's tooltip).
    Most (all?) spells will benefit from Unleash Element's basic 30% heal buff, but the Unleashed Fury's 50% bonus is definitely NOT applied to certain healing spells - even though it's buff IS consumed!

    For the record, here is UF's tooltip: "Further increases the effectiveness of your next single-target heal on the targeted ally by 50%."

    So can anyone tell me why Riptide and some other spells are not properly boosted by UF's 50% bonus healing, but they do consume it's buff?!
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    The talent doesn't affect Healing rain either even though the base spell does. Unsure as to why this is the case.
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    Healing rain is not a single target heal so UF will not work on it. The initial heal of RT will get buffed by UF so I guess it only works on direct single target heals rather than HoTs.
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    The direct heal works, other healing will not benefit the target. It basically allows you to get some absolutely monster HW/GHW/HS, which makes it handy dandy for five mans and efficient tank healing, but generally crummy if you're going to spend much time raid healing.

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    The Unleashed Fury buff literally only works with HS, HW and GHW. The Riptide direct heal consumes the buff, but doesn't actually buff the direct heal. The Unleashed Fury talent is basically complete garbage in raids unless you are tank healing; you just don't use direct heals enough for it to be worthwhile, and even when you want to use it as a single target save, the target often gets topped off before you can get off a ULE-HS combo (3+ seconds of GCD/casting time).

    It sucks, but PVE resto pretty much has only one viable talent option for T90

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    I thought UF buffed the direct heal of Riptide just not the hot part of it?

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    The initial heal of HR and RT are affected by UF, but it doesn't affect the entire length of the HoT. I get some nice 90-100k crits when paired w/ RT if I didn't glyph it. Not sure why people are saying that it doesn't affect it at all because I've seen it work. It's been working that way since pandaland landed.

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