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    Question Europe disconnects

    Hi there,

    is it only me (or my realm) with disconnects? I've been getting them like every 2 minutes, literally. This is in Europe, battlegroup reckoning / abrechung. I got dc'd like 5 times last AV, same as almost everyone else.


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    It has been going on whole day. First it was every now and then, then it started happening hourly, then every half hour and now every other minute.
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    Same thing pretty much everywhere. I'm on the spanish servers and got some real IDs from french dudes, we all get dc 3-4 times in a row every 20 mins or so...

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    happened to me earlier with the sha in LFR at under 10% quickly logged back thinking it was just me to find everyone either offline, dead or dying.

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    Yup. Anachronos-EU has been DCing, along with all the people in BGs, quite a few times tonight. I was fine for a while and then got a about 4 in the space of an hour.

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    Havn't D/C'd on Tarren Mill, but there's been pretty big delays in Orgrimmar for a few days. 5-8 seconds.

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    Its happening to me too - daggerspine server

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    Anybody else hoping this means banwaves to bots and similar?

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