hey guys, there is this game called Gates of andaron. Its a MMORPG . the cap lvl is 93, includes many dungeons , at each lvl, u have ur own lvl of pvp, lvling is not really hard, u form guild and capture forts, by capturing forts u make points to enter the Castle wars. there are 2 factions, Valorian, and Derion, on Saturdays , there is the faction war, which factions fight for 1 1/2 for non stop, It is REALLY complex when it comes to Skills system. it has 6 different classes, Archer, magician, Priest, evocator, nightwalker and warrior, each class has its own different type of skills which could be Set out for different types of PVP, for example , Support, tank, DPS and etc, there is just so much to it, Ask questions in comments.

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after u hit lvl 60, u get good rewards if u sign up with that link.

Hit me up if u had anyquestions,
and my name is MrPB in that game, so if u need any help , hit me up