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    Insane Damage

    Hey guys, I'm currently a mage with 58% resi and I always seem to be hit for 100k+ crits without trinkets by Frost DKs, this guy critted me for 120ks several times with Obliterate during a BG without even popping trinket

    I also have a DK myself which I look forward to levelling but are these amounts of damage usual for you guys?

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    On clothies, yes. Oblit hits like a truck on cloth. That DK isn't using an on use trink, it's his pillar you have to watch out for. The trade off to that crazy burst is low survivability unless he's in blood press, which his burst isn't going to be so insane.

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    For 2h I would expect nothing less, considering how much it hits for in pve, just stay away from melee like you're supposed to and you'll be fine.

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    Are you using Glyph of Armors and Molten Armor? It'll help.

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    Can't say I've ever had a dk hitting me that hard. Maybe with all cds blown and AMS up, but I always counter AMS with Ice Block soooo....

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    I've rocked 170k in arena before, skull banner was down though.

    I've hit a full geared and full resil gemm'd rdruid for 150k just with my trink + pillar too.

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    That DK got some wired Talents assuming hes PvP Frost
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    That damage is a little excessive. I'm guessing that DK most definitely had CDs up and buffs because he is not very geared.

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    He is using latest tier weapon. Weapon damage makes a huge difference for melee.

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    No he's not, only the 470 one, which even upgraded sux ballZ compared to any heroic pve one. And then even the 509 ones (before upgrades, imagine with) blow out the 490 elite version. WDPS > *. the amount of PvP power isn't sufficient.

    With zerker buff in BG, using trinket (nerfed version) during a fallen crusader, inge gloves & str pvp proc i 3 shoot any cloth wearer even with full elite pvp gear if he stands next to me. You are talking about 80-90k non crits obliterate. Throw an ERW for more OB spam and u're set. Pray for RNG KM gods during the proc.

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