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    Do i start again? Is WoW better or worse?

    Ok so first of all.

    I'm a ex-WoW player. I have played World of Warcraft since i was 9 (not very well, but played it nevertheless.) Anyways, about 2 weeks before MoP hit i stopped playing because i started college. Now i just have a really strong urge to come back to WoW and play again. I only played PvE really and in that time i learnd that i have a rare condition of 'Anti-Range.' I diagnosed myself with it after realizing i can't play any ranged class including intellect classes. This goes for other games too like LoL and SWTOR(playing SWTOR was a big big mistake.)

    On my old account i had:

    Fire mage
    Ele Shammy
    DK (play time is way too long to ever want to play this again.)

    All at 85

    So this takes me to my next point... Do i start again with triple EXP?

    If i did what are the OP mellee classes atm?(hopefully not rogue still -.-)

    Also is WoW better than Cata atm? Never really liked Cata :/

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    You're going to get a lot of answers from both people who hate it and love it. Even going to get answers from people who never played it.
    My best advice is to watch videos and look up the expansion, or just do the trial.

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    You're never going to get people to agree on their opinions-- you're going to get responses from people who completely love it and people who completely abhor it. You're going to get responses from people who only PvE, who only PvP, and who've never even played the expansion.

    Every single one of these threads ends the same way:
    We cannot decide for you. Your best option is simply to try it and gauge for yourself.

    As happens with many, many other threads like this, I'm going to close it, and good luck!

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