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    If Blizzard didn't cave on it back then when you had 40 man raids sat in Blackrock Mountain saying "sorry guys, none of you are raiding tonight" and camping the place for four hours straight, they won't change it now just because people are having trouble levelling past 80.
    Back in classic they had different people making those decisions. Since then they've decided to listen to the whining and make changes based on what they think players want, not what they want for the game.

    Player rep used to keep ganking in check. If you were an ass, people knew it and you didn't get many groups. Now you can do whatever you want and queue for anything without worry.

    If enough people complain, the Blizzard you have today will change it.

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    The only thing you are "entitled" to is:
    A-Pay $25 to move realms
    B-Stop playing
    C-Level a new character on a PVE realm
    D-Level up through instances or BGs.

    Off topic: I really hate the entitlement generation.

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    Level "Efficiently" on a PVP Server?
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bungeebungee View Post

    Battlenet account "A"
    Sub-account 1 > 5 Alliance/5 Horde Delete one, transfer one from CN1 server
    Sub-account 2 > 5 Horde/5 Alliance

    Battlenet account "B"
    Sub-account 1 > Misc. low level Alliance and Horde alts. Delete several, leave DK and Druid bank alt, transfer in 8 from CN1 server. Final total -- 10 Alliance
    Sub-account 2 > Currently two Horde alts

    With 11 slots per account, I would top out at 44 toons on that server. Right now, I'm at 32.

    For those not familiar with WoW's set up in China, there are different server clusters for different regions. CN1 doesn't indicate a private server, it is one of the server groups here.
    Oooooh okay so it's different in china?

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    Oooooh okay so it's different in china?
    I think it is more or less the same. The major difference is that it is easier to maintain multiple accounts since we buy blocks of time instead of a monthly subscription. The annoying part of that is that all the time wasters in the game burn game time.

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