Fellow MMO-C readers/posters,

Unfortunately, I have hit a "wall" with WoW... I just simply don't find the game as exciting as it used to be. (constant grinds don't amuse me anymore)

I've been looking through the Steam sales that are on at the moment, and I've always been a bit of a closet-fan of LotR. Has anyone played the game and confirm whether it's a viable game to play right now? I've read some reviews, though they are somewhat mediocre at best (bla bla, can't create own chars).

I have one concern, as my internet is going through a rough time right now - I'd prefer to play games offline: i.e. single-player mode.
Would I need to be connected to the internet whilst playing? Or is it like a requirement to patch and then able to play offline afterwards?

Steam has a 50% sale on for this, and I'm quite tempted to buy it.

Thanks for the responses/assistance in advance!