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    [H] 8/16H 10m LF Ele Shaman

    We are <Unpossible>, a US Top 500 Horde guild that calls Area 52 our home. We are strictly 10 man because we feel like 25s often carry many players. Our guild runs 3 successful groups and has a lively community and strong support system.

    We are currently recruiting a very strong elemental shaman OR boomkin with a viable resto offspec for our hardcore 10m "Jedi" raid group, which is 5/6H MSV 3/6H HoF 4/4 TES and raids T/Th/Sun from 9p-1a EST.

    The successful candidate will:
    • Prefer the 10m environment.
    • Want a home for your main - not an alt that you'll only show up on to raid.
    • Possess a good and naughty sense of humor.
    • Pull amazing dps - and have the logs to prove to us that you can.
    • Have a resto offspec. You will rotate with our spriest as an off-healer, depending on the fight.
    • Desire to remain competitive in class, server, US, and world rankings. You illustrate this desire by analyzing logs, theorycrafting your class, and constantly tweaking and min/maxing your toon.
    • Enjoy occasionally doing old raids for achievements/mounts, and even if pursuing achievements is not YOUR thing, will bemusedly work with us and be supportive as we complete current metas.
    • Bonus points to the candidate who can raid the occasional Wednesday night from 10-1a if we are particularly close on pushing a prog boss. This is a rare occurence, but does happen sometimes.

    It is very important to us to find someone who is a good fit, both skill-wise and personality-wise. We want you to desire not just an excellent raid group, but a stable home with tight-knit bonds. Many of us are very close and we often just hang out on vent together, pvp together, play other games together, and so forth. The majority of our 10m have been raiding together for more than a year now. Here you will become part of a virtual family.

    If you feel like you can meet these requirements and you are looking for a new home, let's talk. Our current shaman has agreed to remain with us until we can find his replacement, so we are willing to take our time to find the perfect fit.

    Add me @ kelida#1255
    Read more about Unpossible @ http://unpossibleguild.enjin.com
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    Will also consider a boomkin

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    happy day before new year's eve

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