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    Maybe they didn't want it to be confused with the actual Demon Soul artifact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StationaryHawk View Post
    Maybe they didn't want it to be confused with the actual Demon Soul artifact.
    Most likely this. There's issues with lore and immersion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Campechano View Post
    Blizzard does not want u to believe u can be demon possesed, AND killing!
    Lol @ ppl saying its not religion, it has to be. just like the fiasco with the boss named "Lord Antrhicyst" that got name changed in the blink of an eye just because someone joked about it being similar to "Antichrist". All because some religious idiot could get offended.
    If that was the case, they wouldn't have left the ability named Demon Soul for two years.
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    A better question is why does Thrall and everyone else in 4.3 call the Demon soul the Dragon Soul when the name was changed 10,000 years ago and has been that way ever since.

    The answer of course is Blizz is retarded with there own lore and forgot they had several books and quests on the subject EVEN cata quests. They just need to have a lore guy whose whole job is to sit at the table and kick Metzen in the shin every time he forgets something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Campechano View Post
    Agreed, but there have been inconsistencies in skill names for years, like dks having a skill named exactly after a warlock one and they were not so hasty to change it.
    Plus they did the same with Drunken haze renaming it for similar "moral" reasons. If memory doesnt fails me, drunken haze didnt even make it to live.
    This isn´t a coincidence
    The situation you're referring to regarding "Death Coil" was actually the other way around. Death Knights had the ability Death Coil all the way back in Warcraft 3. I imagine at the time they introduced the Warlock version, they weren't expecting to have Death Knights as a playable class in the future, but when they did them having the ability Death Coil similar to the WC3 was a 'must-have.' Which is probably why they have since changed the name of the Warlock spell to "Mortal Coil."

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    The correct answer has already been given but people still keep weighing in with speculation ... Demon Soul was tied to our demons; now it's not tied to our demons, so it didn't make sense to call it "Demon" Soul anymore.
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    We don't allow discussion of religion here so I'm just going to close this.

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