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    Sites to use to simcraft with

    I was checking around for ring upgrades and when i currently got the golden lotus hit/haste and the one from hof with hit/crit i saw that there is a ring from this new rep faction that came in 5.1 with crit/haste. But then i realised. There is no way i can simcraft my gear with that ring without me buying it and maybe wasting the VP on a item idk if i will even be using. So how is others handling this problem?
    I used a site called chardev.org before but it isnt sadly upgraded now in mop

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    You can manually edit the simcraft profile after you import your character. Just change the item ID and type in the proper gems/enchants/reforges.

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    Yeah, that's what I do too. A little annoying.

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    In simulationcraft, import your character. Go to the simulate tab, and theres a load of text. Near the bottom is your equipped items.

    Now go to askmrrobot.com and import your character.
    Click on an item and select its replacement - you can do it for multiple items.
    Up the top there is an export option.
    Click the Export to simulationcraft. Copy the item details and paste it over your item list in simulationcraft. Hit simulate and you are good to go.
    No need to look up itemIDs. You can also manually apply upgrades/reforges and gems/enchants to the item before exporting.

    Note that the export feature exports the tab that you currently have selected - current, optimised, BiS etc... so make sure you have your current item tab selected..

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