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    Mounts that look good as a purple blob ?

    I have tried a few from my mount list but havnt really found anything that looks good. Anyone know of some ?

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    Ashes of A'lar actually looks pretty neat in shadowform, IMO, as do the various flavors of frostbrood destroyers and various types of drakes/dragons. I think shadowform cloud serpents look fantastic, but shadowform does mostly render what color the cloud serpent is irrelevant.

    That said, you can always use the Glyph of Shadow which makes the mount much, much more visible.
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    I loved my wind riders as a shadow priest. But most people don't find them likable (sad to be them).
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    The firelands mounts (firehawks) look rather nice, I usually get comments about it.

    Pretty much anything that has any sort of transparency usually looks nice.

    Also anything that has a glow has some interesting effects. The golden lotus cranes for example, the azure one, while going shadow, keeps its vibrant green spots.

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    Cenarion War hippogryph.

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    I tend to enjoy my Ashes and Horseman's Reins as shadow with the glows and effects it looks pretty nice.

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    The netherdrakes from outland are already a purple semi-transparent shadowy blob so they're perfect IMO
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    Would have thought that purple phoenix from the guild reward works perfectly, but I mostly fly on a frostwyrm or the Lorewalker disc. And since my priest is UD, the skeletal horseys anyways....

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    Dragonhawks look nice

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    The Vitreous Stone Drake (rare drop from Stonecore) looks amazing in both regular Shadowform and glyphed Shadowform.

    Netherdrakes also look great.

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    I like Drake of the West Wind with the Shadowform minor glyph.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felfury View Post
    I like Drake of the West Wind with the Shadowform minor glyph.

    I dug up an image from flickr so you can see for yourself:

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    It's not a flying mount, but I think the Shado-Pan exalted cat mounts look fantastic in shadowform. I'd assume all the other cat mounts in game do, too, but as a blood elf I don't have access to most of those.
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    I only have a little spriest, but the Tyreal's Charger looks pretty awesome. The wings go purple and are very nice compared to the normal ones.

    Screenie from wowhead:

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    I like the raggy hc mount - gives a deep red colour

    I like the scarab lord mount - just looks cool

    The CM-silver mounts looks pretty decent with the trails too, a little more understated (and rarer) than ashes

    mimi head!

    sadly i don't have mimi head and I only have the archeology copy of the scarab lord mount :<
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    Flametalon. I love using it on my SPriest.

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    Proto drakes look beast in shadow form.

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    Rivendares Deathcharger or Crimson Deathcharger look awesome on SPs without the Shadowform Glyph.

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    undead racial mounts, troll raptors, and firehawks (rag mount and FL meta) all look good with shadowform. i use the minor glyph that makes shadowform less purple, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpyoldman View Post

    I dug up an image from flickr so you can see for yourself:
    That looks mad, I gotta get it!

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