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    PSU problem.... I think?

    I've had this problem since I built my PC a month or two ago but couldn't be bothered to fix it... basically when I shut down the computer I can't turn it back on unless I turn it off at the wall socket, wait for all lights in the computer to go off (indicating there is no more power running through the PC), turn it back on at the wall and then *ta da* it magically turns back on.

    As I said I haven't addressed the issue yet because I didn't want to wait 1 week on RMA or anything and it only takes 1 minute max to get it turning on again. Just wanted to check what you guys thought, could it damage some other hardware later? should I RMA it? or is it not a PSU problem at all?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Probably PSU or motherboard is broken.
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    Try resetting your CMOS. If that doesn't help try with a different powersupply to run a diagnostic test. If it still does the same, it's your MB.

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