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    5% buff's Importance for Thresholds

    I guess this is more of an opinion gauge than any form of theory crafting, trying to possibly see it from the another side from my own.

    I run with a 10man group, who after the pro-longed absence of a raid-member, has been running with a hunter being the only one to provide the group's haste buff. Trouble is for most fights he's also the one providing us with the crit buff or bloodlust; and we can't have all three. Most of the time we end up with haste (depending on who shows up and who doesn't), but there are times where we end up going all night with crit instead. And even when we do get the haste buff, we do not get it during Bloodlust and for the time period it takes for pets to be switched back and forth (if he even bothers to switch back to the haste pet after Bloodlusting).

    TL;DR Long story short our group is very unpredictable about whether or not we will get the 5% haste buff covered or not. I'm currently geared for the 6637 haste threshold after several simcraft runs; yielding the highest possible dps assuming full raid buffs. Obviously my dps spikes a little lower when I don't have the buff, but so far (*knock on wood*) never had any issues on dps even when pushing heroic content.

    From a min/max standpoint, knowing that the buff pretty single-handed changes what you're stat priorities are. If you weren't sure if you were going to be getting the 5% buff or not, would you even bother attempting thresholds at all?
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    I guess the best answer to the question would be to simcraft yourself without the buffs that you fear that you may not have and look at those results. If haste still has a high value (I think it will), you might as well keep the threshold(s) for those times where you do have the buff, which is the majority of the time anyway???. If you're pushing a boss that requires you to minmax your character in every way to meet the dps requirements and you know you will not have the buff, obviously you should do what you can to get by without it and still fulfill your role.

    Long story short, I reckon you should keep the threshold and tell your guild to recruit a spriest or balance druid. (Easier said than done .. LF Boomkin)

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    You should download ReforgeProfiles and have profiles set to breakpoints with and without 5% and then you can adjust accordingly to what buffs you have available.

    If your Hunter is fast with pet swaps between Crit buff and Haste aura then the downtime will be minimal.

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