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    Challenge modes invisibility pot issue

    Very quick question to fellow warlocks that are running demonology through challenge modes.

    Have you noticed an issue with using an invisibility potion when running through a challenge mode? I keep having to dismiss / resummon my felguard (which works but isn't ideal since you lose the cast time on summon), but the random fel imps that haven't finished their casts yet are following me around with no way to dismiss them, and they seem to at times pull trash when using an invisibility potion.

    Anyone else experiencing this? I'm running a sacced destro spec for all instances where we are using invis pots, but would love being able to go demo on them.

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    Do the mobs then attack everyone else / break invis, or do the imps get killed and that's it ?
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    Stop trying to cheat the system? Problem solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfd View Post
    Stop trying to cheat the system? Problem solved.
    BLizzard dev's didnt count in that ppl might use potions in challenge modes

    That explains everything
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    I play GoSac affliction in challenge modes, so I don't have this problem. You really need those pots for gold medals and Blizzard can easily say that gold medals at challenge modes are considered "bleeding edge" content so because of this it is acceptable to only have one class spec that is suited for it, and dismiss your demand to optimize demonology. On the other hand fel imps are even more uncontrollable then regular pets but maybe that to can be justified by their nature (lore) as if they allow warlocks full control over them it will be against the lore.

    But who ever thinks that people at blizzard are idiots or that they are not able to see that players are using invisibility potions to "cheat" in order achieve gold medals in challenge mods is idiot himself. There are numerous clues in challenge modes that they are designed with those pots in mind.
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    if i recall correctly they made a little contest with blood legion vs blizzard testers in challenge mods at release event(or something) where both team used inv pots.if it was cheating would it be allowed there ? or if they were cheating the system would the internal testers would use it ?

    i just wrote this and all the information comes from back of my mind so i will be happy to be corrected by someone who actually remembers all, yet i believe i managed to say what i was trying to

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    Ofc its not cheating. Not everyone has a rogue for group stealth. Besides that, you have to kill a limited number of mobs, and you need to dodge all that you dont need.
    People saying its cheating are probably never been in a challenge mode dungeon or are just to bad to even get bronce.

    To the topic. I dismiss my guard and the pots work fine. Never had any issues with the fel imps. Dont know if the aggro or die or whatever, but they never brought me or my group in combat. So no reason not to go demo. Its just too good for the most dungeons, ok it depends on the group setup, but overall i would recommend demo if you want gold.

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