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    Monk, fistweapon

    theres a way so i can see my fist weapon animation while im in combat?, i mean i can take out the fist with z, but then when i engage combat i lose the animation and i can only see my naked fist, i work so hard to get the cool fist trasmorg

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    Not at the moment, no.

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    It would be great, but it is not possible on a Monk - hardly any point in using a fist weapon if you want to see the weapon itself; swords, axes etc would be a lot better as they are visible on your back as well as combat. I don't think its a priority issue, the fist weapon animation that is, so unsure if we'll even get to see them fix it.

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    Currently no, there's no way to show them in combat. They mentioned possibly reducing some of the transmog restrictions in the patch though, so hopefully we can at least transmog them into swords or something. We'll have to see, I guess.

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    Hopefully in 5.2 there will be some viable swords to use. Badass swords on the back look 1000% cooler than no weapons imo/

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    Weapons , no matter how cool, are still useless when they sit on your back all the time. Thats the reason i scraped my monk - not using weapons at all during combat, was planing to get those phoenix claws from TK , but might aswell lvl rogue now ^^

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