View Poll Results: Worst household chore?

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  • Washing dishes

    36 20.22%
  • Laundry

    14 7.87%
  • Sweeping

    1 0.56%
  • Mopping

    5 2.81%
  • Garbage

    2 1.12%
  • Cleaning the bathroom

    34 19.10%
  • Dusting

    7 3.93%
  • Ironing

    18 10.11%
  • Grocery shopping

    1 0.56%
  • Organizing (as in putting objects around the house back to where they are supposed to be)

    6 3.37%
  • Making the bed

    4 2.25%
  • Vacuuming

    9 5.06%
  • Bathing and cleaning up after pets

    6 3.37%
  • Yardwork (such as shoveling snow or mowing the lawn)

    32 17.98%
  • Other (Explain)

    3 1.69%
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    Mechagnome Fitzgerald77's Avatar
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    In your opinion, what is the worst household chore?

    For me it has got to be laundry. I don't have a problem at all with loading the washer and dryer full of clothes but I would virtually do anything else when it comes to folding them up, putting them on hangers and putting them into drawers > < IT'S SO TEDIOUS!!!!
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    I'd gladly do anything except clean the bathroom.
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    Cleaning the bathroom and organizing things are both time consuming and exhausting. I'm going with the bathroom though, since it's time consuming AND potentially gross, depending on how often you clean.

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    Cleaning the bathroom, because some people don't know how to wipe the rim of the bowl off they accidentally get urine on it, so all that urine builds up on the rim.

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    A lot of those aren't too bad, but I would have to say washing dishes, the biggest reason is because we still do them manually, no dishwasher, while me and my fiance take turns, it is still a job I loathe. It was a hard choice between dishes and vacuuming, the only reason I hate vacuuming though is because I have long hair and it makes it very difficult to do, but since I learned to tie my hair in a bun, its not so bad now. Dishes are an almost daily thing, its why I hate it, and its messy. Cleaning the cat litter everyday is better than doing dishes, maybe because I voluntarily accepted the responsibilities required when owning pets, so it is a little different.

    All the other chores happen once a week (mowing once every month or 3 months depending on rain/season) yard work is not that bad, I find it enjoyable as the results often result in a good yield of fruit/veg so the reward makes it work the effort, it is a good way to relax too. So because these things happen once a week, they are no where near as annoying as dishes.

    I actually find Organizing a fun task as we only move the rooms about every few months, it is fun to figure out new layouts for the room. Objects are not an issue since we clean up items after use, or they eventually find their way back when we come across them, it's kind of is an unconscious behaviour now to just pick up something that is out of place and put it where it belongs, I never even thought of it as a chore.

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    I am Murloc! Baiyn's Avatar
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    Getting the sheet back on a double-bed duvet. The awkwardness of that irks me to no end!

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    Cleaning the bathroom is the worst. Laundry is best! Mindless quick task that can be done while watching TV <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzgerald77 View Post
    but I would virtually do anything else when it comes to folding them up, putting them on hangers and putting them into drawers > < IT'S SO TEDIOUS!!!!
    But... it's so simple and easy...

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    I hate washing dishes, always have. Still do it manually as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garnier Fructis View Post
    I'd gladly do anything except clean the bathroom.
    and dishes, thank god I have dishwasher for that, and cleaner for bathroom, which is girlfriend xD

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    I'm disabled so HATE vacuuming, but I've cut a deal with my housemate that he does it and I do 90% of the washing up... I hate that too, but if it gets me out of vaccuuming then I'll do it!

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    Dreadlord Harmonious's Avatar
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    Gotta be cleaning the bathroom, especially the toilet.

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    I am Murloc! Atrea's Avatar
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    All of these things have to be done, and in any household with more than one member, the share needs to be equal.

    I voted 'other', because the worst household chore is the one that you have to do because someone else wouldn't do their fair share.

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    Laundry. Especially hanging and sorting through socks. God just thinking about it drives me crazy.

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    Ironing, almost everything on the list other than organizing and yard work take virtualy no time and as i don't have a yard i won't vote on that and i only re organize stuff when i feel like it needs it which may not be for months.
    Ironing though, i hate can end up spending hours at the table and since the ironing tables are so small(height) i end up stooped over it as i iron and my backs starts to cramp i don't iron now unless it's like suit stuff.

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    Mechagnome Garnet's Avatar
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    For me I don't have a problem with anything. Dishes you can throw in a dish washer *BAM* their done. Dusting is a pain in the arse but it's quick and easy. Organizing is what I do every day because I collect games and consoles I am forever organizing the shelves and what not. Cleaning the bathroom is fast and easy, you don't even have to touch the toilet with your hands, put on some gloves, quick couple of wipes with a wet wipe and then poor some chemicals down there and your done! The only... thing that I wouldn't really like to do every day is clear up animal shit. My mother always does it and it just... nah not for me!

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    i have a pathological hate for vacuuming because my mother forced me to do it multiple times each time I tried "because the streaks didn't look good enough"

    the motion being so similar, it also made me hate sweeping and mopping.

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    I don't mind any of the cleaning tasks as I'm a freaky clean person so I don't let the house get to the point where it's a chore.

    I voted for ironing as it's just so boring, even when chatting, listening to music or watching tv while ironing it's still boring. A close second is any form of yard work as I hate manual labor, one of the many reasons I ended up working in software
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    cleaning bathroom/toilet

    also dishes, because i always let them build up way too much before i deal with them

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    Dishes. Unless I have gloves.

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    Bathroom, its just annoying and takes ages compared to most other chores.

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