View Poll Results: Worst household chore?

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  • Washing dishes

    36 20.22%
  • Laundry

    14 7.87%
  • Sweeping

    1 0.56%
  • Mopping

    5 2.81%
  • Garbage

    2 1.12%
  • Cleaning the bathroom

    34 19.10%
  • Dusting

    7 3.93%
  • Ironing

    18 10.11%
  • Grocery shopping

    1 0.56%
  • Organizing (as in putting objects around the house back to where they are supposed to be)

    6 3.37%
  • Making the bed

    4 2.25%
  • Vacuuming

    9 5.06%
  • Bathing and cleaning up after pets

    6 3.37%
  • Yardwork (such as shoveling snow or mowing the lawn)

    32 17.98%
  • Other (Explain)

    3 1.69%
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    Arh, such a hard question OP. Id guess taking care of a larger pet is something that is very annoying, thankfully I never had to do that.

    Id go with laundry, or washing dishes Id guess. Not really sure witch is worser.

    Edit: People often vote bathroom, but lately Ive had my own bathroom inn the house, its so much easiere to keep it clean then When I shared it with my brother it was quit harder, he always made such a mess compared to me. So yea, if you only have you're self to clean up after its fine, takes like 20 minutes tops for me to really clean it well.
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    Washing dishes, hands down, no contest. I HATED washing dishes as a child.

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    Bathroom. Always the bathroom. Followed closely by mopping.

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    Cleaning bathroom, but when I say that it's more like cleaning toilet. Cleaning the actual bath tub and sink isn't bad, but cleaning the toilet and unclogging it... uhhh.

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    I've always hated washing dishes, but now I hate it even more, because the people I live with absolutely refuse to do it, claiming that it's my job x.x

    I love organizing though! When I get in a cleaning mood, I throw down, and everything looks so pretty and delightful.
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    Yard work! I have an acre of year with a ton of trees and a big drive way where two nights ago we got 14 inches of snow overnight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaidu View Post
    A lot of those aren't too bad, but I would have to say washing dishes, the biggest reason is because we still do them manually, no dishwasher, while me and my fiance take turns, it is still a job I loathe. It was a hard choice between dishes and vacuuming, the only reason I hate vacuuming though is because I have long hair and it makes it very difficult to do, but since I learned to tie my hair in a bun, its not so bad now. Dishes are an almost daily thing, its why I hate it, and its messy. Cleaning the cat litter everyday is better than doing dishes, maybe because I voluntarily accepted the responsibilities required when owning pets, so it is a little different.

    All the other chores happen once a week (mowing once every month or 3 months depending on rain/season) yard work is not that bad, I find it enjoyable as the results often result in a good yield of fruit/veg so the reward makes it work the effort, it is a good way to relax too. So because these things happen once a week, they are no where near as annoying as dishes.

    I actually find Organizing a fun task as we only move the rooms about every few months, it is fun to figure out new layouts for the room. Objects are not an issue since we clean up items after use, or they eventually find their way back when we come across them, it's kind of is an unconscious behaviour now to just pick up something that is out of place and put it where it belongs, I never even thought of it as a chore.
    I manually dish wash too it's not bad if you do them asap instead of dropping them into the sink for later. The only part I hate is doing dishes after cooking a meal for 3-4 people. From my experience if you drop something in the sink for later, it will pile up fast as other people will now start doing it too

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    Waking up. (Seriously)
    at this time of the year I find it chore just to wake up in the morning. Spring, summer and even Autumn (to some degree) are a lot better.
    as for jobs around the house, nothing really bothers me more than the vacuuming.

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    If there's one thing I truly hate, it is the god damn stupid way of changing the duvet covers. I always seem to fail on it. Always. There's nothing that is as satisfying as laying down using fresh duvets though. Hence why I rarely change it. As a close second, cleaning the toilet is the worst. Not the bathroom in general, but the toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    cleaning bathroom/toilet

    also dishes, because i always let them build up way too much before i deal with them
    I have a quick tip regarding the dishes , that I learned a little while back . Stockpile all of the dirty dishes near the dishwasher but don't put any water in them (it is a mess to wash them if they have been left with water in them) , when you want to wash them all put them in the dishwasher in the evening put some dishes detergent in the top plate and then pour hot water into them , then you can wash them in the morning for a quick and clean result .

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    Went with Organizing stuff around the house. That can be very exhausting. Would have went with dishes otherwise, but I got a dishwasher lol

    The worst thing in my opinion isn't on the list at all....
    Cooking.. That's such a pain in the ass, to come up with something every day.
    I love cooking, it's a hobby of mine... yet at the same time, just to think of something new, and to stand in the kitchen almost every damn day... That's not fun. Doesn't matter who has to cook, it's a horrible chore
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    It would be the bathroom, since I don't live alone.

    But if I did live alone, bathroom wouldn't be a biggy!

    Other than that, cleaning the cats' room and crap is kinda meh. :/
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    i hate sweeping.....and i mean i hate it.

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    I guess it's a tie between cleaning the bathroom and dusting for me. I'm oversensitive to dust so anything involving that is very unpleasant, but I really hate cleaning the toilet..

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    Taking care of your pet is not a "household chore", and if you see it that way, you shouldn't have a pet.

    Beds don't need to be made, it's a simple thing to grab a bag of garbage on your way out and drop it in the big bin, the rest of those needn't be done more often than once a week or two, some of them once a month or two, but dishes you'll be washing every single damn time you cook or eat.

    So yeah, washing dishes. By far.

    If you didn't vote washing dishes, then you aren't or haven't been very long, a single person living alone, without a dishwasher.
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    Just dishes is what I hate most.
    I don't mind cleaning the bathroom/toilet at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    If you didn't vote washing dishes, then you aren't or haven't been very long, a single person living alone, without a dishwasher.
    Or you're like me and you wash the dishes as you use them. When I eat, I wash the plate/glass/silverware/pan/etc. that I used in preparing and eating the meal immediately after I'm finished. Next time I eat those are dry and ready to be put away, then I wash the ones I used for the most recent meal. So for me washing dishes never takes more than a couple minutes and is probably the easiest chore I have.

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    I run a small guesthouse - I do all of these almost every single day

    And we have cat and and a dog so no vacation there either

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    Ironing clothes. It feels so worthless, and you stand up, while barely moving, making your back ache after a while.
    I solved it by never doing it. No girl can stand un-ironed things, so they end up doing it out of desperation <.<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    If you didn't vote washing dishes, then you aren't or haven't been very long, a single person living alone, without a dishwasher.
    Uh, I do it pretty much the second I'm done eating unless I'm eating in front of the TV or the computer.

    Laundry is the worst for me, have to get all clothes down in the basement because of shared laundry room with the whole apartment building. So many sideways, so many places for people to hide. It's just downright uncomfortable to go down there alone.
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