View Poll Results: Worst household chore?

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  • Washing dishes

    36 20.22%
  • Laundry

    14 7.87%
  • Sweeping

    1 0.56%
  • Mopping

    5 2.81%
  • Garbage

    2 1.12%
  • Cleaning the bathroom

    34 19.10%
  • Dusting

    7 3.93%
  • Ironing

    18 10.11%
  • Grocery shopping

    1 0.56%
  • Organizing (as in putting objects around the house back to where they are supposed to be)

    6 3.37%
  • Making the bed

    4 2.25%
  • Vacuuming

    9 5.06%
  • Bathing and cleaning up after pets

    6 3.37%
  • Yardwork (such as shoveling snow or mowing the lawn)

    32 17.98%
  • Other (Explain)

    3 1.69%
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    The dishes hands down. My bathroom only needs attention 1-2 times a year (the toilet is obviously cleaned more often). Same for cleaning the rest of my room as it's only 28m2. The moment I get a job and house once I leave university I want a dishwasher in my house. I loathe doing them (coming from someone who technically only has to do them once a week).

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    I generally don't mind household chores... but my OCD tendencies pretty much drive me to keeping things constantly clean and organized and straightened. Yard work, however, is my bane.... it's overall pretty difficult to impose order on the outdoors.
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    Grocery shopping. I don't really mind the menial chores, can just stick my headphones on and blast music and get on with it. Grocery shopping involves actually making myself resemble a member of the human race and thinking about what stuff we need/meals we're going to eat. And the supermarket always seems to be populated by morons whose purpose is to get in the way, slow me down and make getting in and getting out with my stuff a longer and more irritating process.
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    I dunno if cleaning the bathroom means the toilet or the actual room since here in the UK we never call a toilet, a bathroom or "I'm going to the bathroom". I went with cleaning after pets since I have a rabbit that has an endless appetite for shitting everywhere.

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    Ironing. I swear to god I rather go all wrinkly than iron something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moontalon View Post
    Or you're like me and you wash the dishes as you use them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tiili View Post
    Uh, I do it pretty much the second I'm done eating
    ...which is exactly what I said:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    dishes you'll be washing every single damn time you cook or eat.
    Whether you wash a pile of dishes every now and then, or just the dishes you just used to eat or cook with, you're still washing the dishes pretty much all the time, and the amount of dish washing is exactly the same.

    If you like it and think it's the easiest chore, good for you.
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    For me it has to be the garbage. That is only cause I have to walk 250 meters to throw it. Pain in the ass when the weather is bad.

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    Dishes. I bribe my wife to do dishes on my days to do them. Good thing I took a therapeutic massage class once when I was bored in college.

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    Cooking. I'd rather do everything else on the list if it means I don't have to cook, I fucking hate it.

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    Washing the dishes. My BF doesn't seem to understand you really don't need to use a different plate for every different job. Since he has a skin condition which reacts extemely adversely to detergents I always have to do it all. I don't mind most of the other jobs, but a close second is dusting. Dust allergies... ick.

    I don't iron. I care little if my clothes are a tiny bit rumpled or creased.

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    I picked yard work, but it was a really close call between that and dishes. If you asked me a few years ago I would have gone with dishes hands down, but that was before I became a homeowner. At least I can do dishes in my PJs, and not have to worry about smiling and waving to a neighbor, pretending I'm actually happy, as they walk by. I still say someone who invented a dishwasher that would actually clean EVERYTHING with no scraping/pretreating/handwashing - even the pan with baked-on ick or the plate that you didn't realize was sitting in the other room for 3 days letting stuff dry into cement - that guy would be an overnight billionaire.

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    Cleaning the bathroom > dealing with the garbage > everything else in order of terribleness. I have a very weak stomach.

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    Dishes for me. I'm fine if there's not food caked on or rotten food everywhere... But there usually is. D:

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    The worst is having to use a plumber's snake to clear a clogged pipe.

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    I hate moving things and trying to get every speck of dust just to have it build up again the moment I am done.

    It never goes away....

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    Washing... i do my own and my brothers and he has a habbit of wiping feces on my towels/ clothes... Yeah kinda graphic but no matter how hard i try to tell him he doesnt want to/ doesnt understand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    If you didn't vote washing dishes, then you aren't or haven't been very long, a single person living alone, without a dishwasher.
    I don't own a Dishwasher and while I don't live a lone I have had to wash them solo multiple times, washing them by hand really isn't that bad most annoying part might be the stuck on crap in the corners of cups that's a pain to get out with my big hands(don't have a cup brush so it's just a rag and my hands). Even then it's still not that bad.

    Most annoying for me would be dusting, no matter how hard you try you can't get rid of it and if there's any construction going on(be it road work or residential/commercial work) it only gets worse. Not to mention stuff you just dusted seems to attract the dust like no other. Wipe it clean of dust and two minutes later it has almost as much dust as it did before you cleaned.

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    I hate doing dirty dishes... I don't mind putting them back in the cabins after the dishwasher is done with them. But before that, Uuugh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    Taking care of your pet is not a "household chore", and if you see it that way, you shouldn't have a pet.
    Oh I completely agree, but sadly a lot of people think looking after their pet is the most annoying thing in the world which drives me totally crazy! I actually miss bathing and grooming my dog now that shes gone
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    vaccuuming, that is why we got a robot for that, huzzah technology!
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