View Poll Results: Worst household chore?

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  • Washing dishes

    36 20.22%
  • Laundry

    14 7.87%
  • Sweeping

    1 0.56%
  • Mopping

    5 2.81%
  • Garbage

    2 1.12%
  • Cleaning the bathroom

    34 19.10%
  • Dusting

    7 3.93%
  • Ironing

    18 10.11%
  • Grocery shopping

    1 0.56%
  • Organizing (as in putting objects around the house back to where they are supposed to be)

    6 3.37%
  • Making the bed

    4 2.25%
  • Vacuuming

    9 5.06%
  • Bathing and cleaning up after pets

    6 3.37%
  • Yardwork (such as shoveling snow or mowing the lawn)

    32 17.98%
  • Other (Explain)

    3 1.69%
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    For me, it's doing the dishes. I end up so pruny... I just don't like it. Luckily I live alone and can wait until I have but one set of dishes left before I have to wash them.

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    I would've put Washing dishes, but i got a washer about a month it would have to be ironing for me. Takes to freaking long.
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    Doing dishes and cleaning the bathroom.

    i like fucking gag and stuff. lol
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    Cleaning the bathroom isn't that bad, since I never really touch anything with my bare hands.

    Putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher however....EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, the feeling of left over food, water, and whatever else may be there, just is so nasty to me. To be honest though, I think I hate any chore that requires me to do stuff with my bare hands on dirty things. (Trash, dirty dishes, dirty laundry...etc).

    Yardwork is easy, I just hop on the tractor(For the big parts of the yard)! Or the riding lawn mower for smaller areas, and for precision mowing, I get out the push mower. (I live on 2.5 acres of land)

    Laundry isn't too bad, since I don't have to do it (I do occasionally though, and do know how to do it correctly), but I don't think it'll be an issue when I'm living by myself, since I wouldn't have to do laundry for 4 people, just myself.

    Grocery shopping...........Hate it almost as much as dishwashing, gotta make myself look like a human being, and then put up with random people until I'm finished.

    I don't mind vacuuming, takes me like 10-15 minutes to do the whole house, so it's not bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    vaccuuming, that is why we got a robot for that, huzzah technology!
    why? vaccuuming is one of the easiest on there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    why? vaccuuming is one of the easiest on there.
    Especially when you've got one of those vacuums that when set on high (for carpet), the spinning of the (I don't actually know what they are called, fibers? ) literally pulls the vacuum forwards for you on carpet, so it's like gliding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydänyö View Post
    ...which is exactly what I said:

    Whether you wash a pile of dishes every now and then, or just the dishes you just used to eat or cook with, you're still washing the dishes pretty much all the time, and the amount of dish washing is exactly the same.

    If you like it and think it's the easiest chore, good for you.
    You made huge assertions about what your living situation is like if you don't think washing dishes is the worst chore there is. Your opinion is not fact. Neither is mine. Don't push them onto others.

    If you hate it and think it's the hardest chore, good for you. Not everyone thinks that way, regardless of living arrangement.

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    Yardwork, raking sucks

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    I can't believe so many people dislike washing dishes. Maybe I'm just used to doing it... But it seems like one of the less strenuous ones =/

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    Yardwork. Specifically, mowing the lawn. I should, in theory, be doing it about once a week or so, with how damn fast that stuff seems to grow (Except I'm lazy and do it about every second week) and I can't really procrastinate it much because it winds up just becoming too much of a huge chore when I finally get around to it.

    Looking forward to winter, so I don't have to mow it much for a few months. And, in theory, I'll be in a much smaller place.

    Also, regarding pets being a chore, while I agree, I imagine for some of the younger forumers out there, who still live with their parents, it can be seen as a chore if it's your parents' pet and you have to walk it or whatever. Me, I don't mind looking after my cat.

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    I voted yardwork for "mowing the lawn."

    My parents have a big lawn, takes two hours to mow on a tractor. Sitting on that vibrating piece of shit, going in circle is mind and balls numbing.
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    I voted laundry, but really it's just the folding part that I hate so much.
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