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    I hope 5.2 will fix problems in PvP

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    Have they released the Shaman tier/pvp armor sets yet?

    Always last we are......

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    Hope they make classes on pve a bit more balanced dps wised...

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    I need to find out if any of those belts match one of my existing transmog sets. I think the yellow lightning crotch matches my current one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitter poster
    Make frostbolt benefit from Fingers of frost? Tone down lance dmg, and buffs frostbolt a bit?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Frostbolt does fine damage. It's just not instant. (Source)
    Later...on the PTR:

    Frostbolt now deals 24% more damage, but its debuff no longer increases subsequent Frostbolt damage.

    Why is this dude still in charge of development, again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Judging by the comments yesterday, someone will ask for it:

    Male paladins got the platekini this time. I would prefer that NO GENDER would have a platekini (revealing armor are good for Shaman, Rogue and Warlock), but that's too hilarious.

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    Yay! Another pally set without a skirt!!

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    I think this look completely ridiculous for a Tier set, especially the green version.

    The shoulders are entirely too big as well, but may look good on a Tauren.

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    wtf are this questions !?
    warrior questions are totally stupid, omg !

    unbelievable !
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    that set looks pretty cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venaliter View Post
    Later...on the PTR:

    Frostbolt now deals 24% more damage, but its debuff no longer increases subsequent Frostbolt damage.

    Why is this dude still in charge of development, again?
    Because it doesn't change the damage of Frostbolt? Look at what he says: the damage is fine, it isn't instant. Changing how FrB works from having the ramp up time to having the debuff baked in does nothing to change damage, but frontloads the damage as if it were an instant cast. Basically...GC is right, the damage is fine, it's the delivery that needs to be reworked.

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    druid and lock sets look good, hate the rest sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Well..the female set is okay, though I bet some of us would like it to be more revealing. The male? OMFG...that is in BAD. It desperately needs a longsleeved shirt underneath...but maybe that is the intention.
    So... you'd quite like the female set to be revealing, but the male set should absolutely not ever be revealing at all, ever, otherwise it's BAD? Uh huh.

    If you think it needs a shirt underneath, feel free to wear a shirt underneath. No-one will complain. I think it's nice that just occasionally the guys get the revealing stuff. (Personally, I'd prefer them to make all armour just as revealing or non-revealing on one gender as on the other, but still.)

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    What's up with the huge look at my crotch "cod pieces" in some of these sets. They just make me lol. I do like the paladin set more on females though - makes me glad my pally is a lady.

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    Looking forward for patch 5.2

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    I dont like the Helm and Belt,but rest looks nice!

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    Ret needs a fix!

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    I dont really like the new T sets.. whats up with blizzard making them more and more ugly? i know transmog is in the game but really its getting necesarry to use..
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    Such awesome season 13 paladin armor specially the male version. It gives the feeling of true gladiator fights kinda similar to Spartacus the tv series armor design.

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