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    The female season 13 set looks great, the male set should be fully covered aswell.
    Tier 15 is laughable, I literally laughed then sighed after seeing it. Its an interesting concept but an extremely poor execution.

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    Looks great!.. Although, it must be said.. nothing beats the good ol' Lawbringer Banana Set.

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    Looks really great, I really like glowing parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swizzle View Post
    Because it doesn't change the damage of Frostbolt? Look at what he says: the damage is fine, it isn't instant. Changing how FrB works from having the ramp up time to having the debuff baked in does nothing to change damage, but frontloads the damage as if it were an instant cast. Basically...GC is right, the damage is fine, it's the delivery that needs to be reworked.
    That's what the dude on Twitter was saying, at least, that's what I took away from it. He wanted damage shifted away from instants; GC was dismissive - and then went and did the very same thing suggested.

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    The Season 13 is neat kind of a gladiator-esc look. The tier 13 is just bad im sorry but thats just not good at all, the helm looks ridiculous the shoulders with that flat round look not appealing. I miss the old BC tier armor those were some nice looking sets to me. As far as ret yes it needs to be fixed, that last "hotfix" removing the proc of Seal of Insight from the AoE effect of Hammer of the Righteous, has made my farming of adds and ability to semi tank in scenarios when there is no tank or there is no healer has been effectively taken away, I was able to do 7-10 adds at a time no problem and keep my self up relatively well, now more then 5 and im having to pop CDs to stay alive and at that u have to be quick on the flash heals, i understand in pvp this may have been hard to kill a ret pally when he was using this, but try to kill a healer class in pvp by your self, i have and i cant do it. Fixing this would give me back my survivability in pve and pvp witch at this point ret is severely lacking.

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    why does the t15 Pally set look so awful i am thankful that they have transmog if this is the best they can do for looks on new armor and the pvp set looks like it belongs more on a warrior then a paladin. i mean set it up Blizz give us a reason to want to show off the new sets and not just go to our mog vault to for a good look.

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    Uh, what's with all the 1 posters.
    This is the wrong thread for the cinder kitten give away
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    Waiting for 5.2 PTR is so awful. Wanna see it already

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    rogue are soooo viable

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    Season 13 Paladin is reasonable, the blades give it freshness somehow

    Tier 15 Paladin is an absolute joke.. one of the worst so far (although unfinished)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post
    Such awesome season 13 paladin armor specially the male version. It gives the feeling of true gladiator fights kinda similar to Spartacus the tv series armor design.
    But that wouldn't be fitting for a warrior? I don't think Gladiators preached on their spare time.

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    Seems normally .
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    Looks alright. Some of previous tiers look a lot more attractive.

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    Pallys got shafted on the tier set this time around.

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    The season 13 Set looks amazing, especially the dark purple variation. It makes paladins look like fearsome gladiators. It would match Ret pretty well, not sure about Prot or Holy specs.

    In contrast, the Tier 15 looks pretty questionable. I guessing whomever designed it had a weird sense of humor (placing a protruding and glowing orb at that area!?).

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    The Paladin male Season 13 is so close to being great; they should have made it full-body covering like the female.

    The Mad Max/Roman Colosseum look is so much better suited for a warrior. I dig the helm and shoulders though.

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    It looks to me as if they are trying to encourage transmogging....

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    that warlock set looks sick

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    i want shamy set!! look great

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